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Four Steps to Clairvoyance: Activating the Inner Movie Projector

/ Photo by grey_pumpkin /

One of my students asked me how my third eye opened. This is the story.

In the early ‘80s, I spent my summers working at Grand Canyon National Park. My roommate was a theater costume design major named Carla. We were both friends of the movie projectionist, Michael, who played movies for the small community movie house. Carla also worked there a few nights a week. We all loved film and in the midst of our conversations we’d discuss our astrological charts with Michael who also was an astrologer.

That summer in the wee hours of the night, panoramic movies would flash in my third eye: sweeping scenes of wagon trails and horses, knights in armor gathered on distant hills, castles overlooking green valleys. The inner movies were epics with vast horizons. Some of these images rustling in the night were like moving shadows with only specs of color.

I was mesmerized by these internal movies, but there was no button to push rewind, stop or play that I could find. I traveled in the night through the images of my third eye and I was entertained, yet the meaning of these images mystified me.

Carla and I didn’t return to the canyon to work the following summer. I did receive a gift from her for my next birthday, however – a box with a crystal ball inside. I never really used the crystal ball for scrying or crystal ball gazing, because my dreams and my third eye – my inner crystal ball – were already giving me glimpses of the future. Read more

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

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Life is like the dating game, only the rules have changed.

You remember as girls — when we used to sit by the phone for hours –waiting for the guy to call, thinking does he love me, will he call me. I remember those days of waiting for the guy to call. Oh, the waiting, the wondering, and the wishing.

We all want to be like Sally Field accepting her Oscar. We want that moment when we get to finally shout in relief: “You like me! You really like me!” Read more

Symbol Series: Deer

/ Photo by Aunt Owwee /

One of the best meditation teachers I know is the deer.

She holds her classes in a grove, by a stream, in your backyard. Observe a deer and your body will synchronize to stillness. You’ll notice her winking and humoring you with her effortlessness. Her feet move so lightly that the leaves beneath her feet are left undisturbed. She moves quietly and gently.

She is gentleness.
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