Signs and Symbols: The Spiritual Values of Numbers

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In the early ’80s, I was introduced to numerology as well as many other new age subjects: astrology, mediums, the nature of reality, etc. I loved numerology for its simplicity, and dove into any book I could find on this subject. It was relatively easy to grasp, and it was a powerful introduction to the meaning of symbols.

If you really want to know what’s going on in your world, study symbols of all shapes and sizes: numbers, animals, weather patterns, landscapes, religious objects, and any symbol that appears in your dreams. You are learning the language of the intuition.

Here’s a brief symbol guide for the numbers zero through nine to get you started.

Number 0 – God, divinity, unity, love, Spirit, potential, infinity, the universal womb of creation.

Number 1 – independence, new beginning, originality, pioneering, initiative.

Number 2 – partnership, good sense of rhythm, sensitive, vacillating, the diplomat.

Number 3 – lucky, creative, outgoing, imaginative, multitalented, the performing arts.

Number 4 – hard work, solid, building, establishing, disciplined, stability.

Number 5 – movement and travel, foreign languages and cultures, restless for change and new environments, adventurous, inquisitive, communications.

Number 6 – family, home, children, healing, teaching, social justice, beauty.

Number 7 – introspection, studious, spiritual, metaphysical experiences, retreat, focus on health issues, need for quiet and contemplation, mental brilliance.

Number 8 – sexual energy, the athlete, the material world, leadership, business and finance, authority, karma.

Number 9 – emotional drama, endings and new beginnings, completion, spring cleaning on all levels, humanitarian, the arts.

When you see several birds or deer or other animal friends, make sure to count them. Their number could signify a future date, number of people expected at an event, or even specify a quality of an upcoming event, person, thing, or situation.

When I was starting a new class here in Colorado, a few weeks before the class, I saw a number of deer indicating how many people would be in the class. It also told me something of the class temperament. A group of deer showing up suggested that a sweet, gentle quality would imbue the class for the most part. (Now if I’d seen a mountain lion that would be a different story!)

When numbers repeat themselves, there is a stronger emphasis. If a workaholic moved into a house with the numbers 444, there would be no rest for this person, just more work. Three fours could suggest creative work (three fours and 4 + 4 + 4 = 12/3, a creative number), but there is too strong of an emphasis on the energy of the number four. Maybe a good place for someone who has felt stuck and unproductive, but not a restful home for a workaholic.

Every letter in the alphabet has a numerological value, sequential order. A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 and so on. Someone with a lot of ā€œC’sā€ in their name, which translates to multiple threes would be a highly creative, artsy, person, but they could be flighty and ungrounded too. A balance is important even with numbers. A person with a lot of C’s/threes in their name might benefit from living in a house that has a four in it to gain some earthiness, to have a grounding rod for their highly creative energy.

If your social security number has a lot of sixes, you might feel inundated with home and family responsibilities. You could also be drawn to healing, counseling, and service professions.

If an architectural firm has a lot of 1s, 3s, and 5s in their company name, they might be known for their unorthodox designs that have a little bit of the whimsical. They could develop designs that have an international appeal (noted by multiple 5s).

I find it interesting that some Feng Shui masters say that a good house for you will match some of the numbers in your birth date. When the numbers match, the energy does too. Someone born January 9, 1964 may benefit from living in a home that would include the numbers 1 (birth month) and 9 (birth day) in the address.

My husband and I have similar numbers in our birth dates. He was born April 2nd (4/2) and I was born August 2nd (8/2). The day of birth matches, and the 4 (solidity, structure) and 8 (work and business) suggest a good combination for a business partnership. In the first year we were together in 1991, we started a small business together, and we’ve been collaborating on multiple creative projects ever since. We have a natural mind meld.

What are your favorite numbers? What interesting experiences have you had with numbers, especially numbers showing up multiple times in your life?

Book Recommendations on Numerology:

Here are my two favorite books on Numerology. You can tell because they are now tattered books with torn and wrinkled covers. These books have been my companions for over twenty-five years traveling with me from place to place.

Numerology and Your Future
by Dusty Bunker

This book introduced me to the cyclic nature of my birth year, the peak points and action points. Cycles do have intelligence. There are times when life is waning in a reflective mode, and there are times to take action.

She studies each century based on its numerological qualities. In this century, we’ll find that there is a strong call for diplomacy in all matters (the number 2). With the additional zeros, spirituality and unity are emphasized.

Dusty Bunker includes a brief study of the master numbers 11 through 99. These are special double numbers and their meanings are not always easy to find.

She also lists the gifts of the spirit that you bring in based on your Life Lesson Number, a number derived from your birth date.

Numerology and The Divine Triangle
by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker

These women put together a book that is a beautiful synthesis of numerology, astrology, and the tarot. That’s what makes this book a stand-out.

Learn the spiritual qualities of each letter of the alphabet: general characteristics, cyclic indicators, and corresponding health issues. Start by studying your first initial.

You can take numerology to the advanced level and decode your life blueprint by studying The Divine Triangle based on the Life Theorem of Pythagoras. Determine the key events in your lifetime using this geometric map.

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