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An Introduction to Tracking Signs and Symbols: Part 2

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Tracking is like hunting, except instead of an animal, we are hunting guidance and wisdom. When a hunter tracks a deer, he observes its movements in order to capture and kill the deer. When we track a sign – a deer showing up unexpectedly in our backyard – we move into a deeper relationship with the deer. We recognize that the deer brought us a gift — a message. Tracking asks us to merge with the natural world, and to listen with all of our senses.

Tracking requires a stillness of mind and a willingness to enter dreamtime, a more fluid perceptual state. In dreamtime, we see beyond the material world to experience the energy of a thing; we are aware that material objects exude energy, character, and personality. This task is easier in the natural world. We recognize a happy river by its clear bubbly waters. We feel good in its presence.

In urban settings, our senses are overloaded with stimuli to the extent that our senses are dulled, numbed, and imprecise. We have trouble making energetic distinctions. With practice, we can retrain our senses to feel again. When we are in material-world sensory mode, we will see five different chairs with various colors and shapes in a room as interesting, but we may not be able to discern anything unusual between them. In dreamtime, we are able to discern each chair’s history and personality. Is it a happy chair, depressed chair, or agitated chair? Your senses will tell the difference. Read more

The Significance of Our 44th President, Barack Obama

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On a rare occasion, someone comes along who can pull us up from the ashes – build us up, fortify us, transform us — so we can rise like the Phoenix. Barack Obama, our new President-elect, has spirit power, a large wingspan: he’s got vision. He is our 44th President, and the number 44 grants him the power to manifest that vision.

In numerology, every number denotes a spiritual value. A Master Number is a double-digit number that confers power and vibrates at a higher frequency. A Master is dedicated to a higher purpose. Barack Obama is connected to his higher nature, to his Divinity. Through his presence — in a room, in a photograph, in a speech — we connect to our higher nature. He is emblematic of the potential within us all.

Ultimately, he radiates spiritual power, and offers up the profound ability to heal our sorrows on this earthly plane through compassionate and focused action. Read more