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Pain: the Demanding Inner Voice

Pain is “highly charged energy.”~Reginald A. Ray

Pain is a spiritual resource. The body is your United Nations. The body will speak even when you withhold your feelings. Think of pain as the inner voice demanding to be heard. The way to heal pain is to give voice to your core feelings.

This is the formula:

pain = energy + emotions = intuition

Feelings and emotions are intuitive messages. They signal what needs to be changed, reorganized, or remodeled. When we listen to emotions as wisdom, they bring us back into alignment, a balanced equilibrium. We find center.

Don’t just ignore or suppress pain. Think of pain as a call for a spiritual tune up rather than just a persistent ache.

Do any of the following sources of pain strike a chord?

  • Breast pain: Rant, vent, and vocalize anger. Give spaciousness and understanding to feelings, especially the strong and scary emotions.
  • Shoulder pain: Lighten the load. Express the need for shared responsibility. You don’t have to do it all.
  • Back pain: Express the need for more support. Lean on others. Stand up for yourself. Stand your ground.
  • Head pain: Give yourself permission to express creative, intuitive, and sexual energy. Anchor in lower body. Walk barefoot on the grass.
  • Heart/Chest pain: Express the need for love. Practice giving and receiving. Don’t rush through life; relax into natural life rhythms.
  • Full Body pain: Shift old roles to a new identity. Lawyer to Peace Activist. Mother to Business Owner. Accountant to Stage Performer.

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.~Kahlil Gibran

A Hug from a Beloved Father on the Other Side

/ Photo by popofatticus /

Over the years, I’ve had interesting encounters with loved ones on the other side. This was one of my favorite and more meaningful exchanges. Our ancestors often come forward with this purpose: To express their love.

My husband’s father, Steve, passed away suddenly in September 2008. He died quietly in his sleep in his apartment. He lived thousands of miles away in Sofia, Bulgaria, in Southeastern Europe. Before Steve passed away, my husband, Ivan, stayed in touch with his father via email, but he hadn’t seen Steve in many years. Sadly, I never met him. The following dream felt so familiar as if we’d seen him yesterday. Read more