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Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

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How do we explain how one day can be rosy, and the next day with clouds hanging overhead? Has anything really changed but our viewpoint?

With an economic crisis, we are more vulnerable to the glass-half-empty mentality, which only provokes more fear. A glass-half-empty state of mind is consumed by lack, and we need to prevent these fears from reaching epidemic proportions. Why? Fear freezes in its footsteps. Fear causes mental paralysis and impedes creativity. Once we cease moving and stretching our minds, we lose direction and momentum.

Creativity moves, stretches, bends and can mold itself into unusual shapes to fit anywhere. Creativity is a flexible state of mind that links up with Divine imagination to gather solutions, and it energizes everything it touches. Creativity is a mental gymnast who can do backbends, cartwheels, flips, and walk through walls. Obstacles don’t scare creativity because problems are recognized as optical illusions, mirages – vision impairment. Read more

Defying Gravity: How to Change the Rules with Your Thinking

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In February, there were two eclipses. Eclipses help us revisit old patterns that go back several decades. During eclipse periods, we upgrade our software – our thinking and belief systems – on our hard drive, our spiritual operating system.

Eclipses can have a delayed impact that peaks at six months. What was going on in your life in February? Check how these life themes culminate in the month of July.

I had several dreams during February that were life changing. I discovered a new philosophy to embrace: In walking the labyrinth of life, I realized that there are no dead ends as long as I kept walking until I found an opening. There always is an opening. Read more

Dreamtime: How to Awaken Perception and Insight

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Dreamtime is an alternate state of perception where you can access insight and increase your visual acuity. Dreaming is not a fleeting image, but an experience where an event or series of images speaks to you with a message. Here are a few suggestions that will begin to open you to dreamtime. Read more