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To Your Good Luck on this Summer Solstice

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Today marks the beginning of summer and the longest day of the year. We are blessed with the energies of the summer solstice at this time, a spiritual rite of passage that brings completion and a deeper connection to others and to nature. Read more

Set a Gauge to Screen Your Business and Personal Relationships

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What do Robert Kiyosaki, the New York Times bestselling author of
the Rich Dad investment books, and George Clooney, acclaimed actor and director, have in common?

They both use an intuitive gauge to determine whether a business partnership will be beneficial, or not. Read more

Change Your Voice, Change Your Destiny

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“Words are bodies or forces which move spirally and return in due season to cross the lives of their creators. People who are always talking lack and limitation, reap lack and limitation. You cannot enter the Kingdom of Abundance bemoaning your lot.”
— Florence Scovel Shinn

I came across a gem of a book in a quaint, used book store. The book is a Chinese Buddhist text called Changing Destiny: Liao-Fan’s Four Lessons by Venerable Master Chin Kung. It says that ancient advisors could predict the future of a person by observing their speech and behavior patterns. This really struck me and got me thinking: If speech reveals patterns, then the corollary is, with your voice, you can change your destiny. Here are some suggestions on how to do just that.

Where shall we begin? Let’s begin with words. Words are vibration and your voice is the instrument. By choosing the highest words, you raise your vibration attracting your most positive destiny.
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