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Positive Language Transforms Our Destiny

In the book “Changing Destiny: Liao-Fan’s Four Lessons,” Venerable Master Chin Kung makes a direct correlation between speech patterns and creating destiny. If we practice foul speech, we may have success, but it will be short-lived. When we are mindful of our words, then we transform our destiny with consistent and long-lasting results.

Digital Art: patriciabrennan, deviantart.com

Digital Art: patriciabrennan, deviantart.com

Victory: An Alternate Definition

Join me for a two-minute meditation on what Victory is.

Old definition: Defeat over others; Winning is a game or battle, competition; Conquering, aggression; Beating an opponent, power over; Celebrating the loss of another; Depletes natural resources of People and Mother Earth for selfish ends; Dominant behavior, to bully; Winner-takes-all, greed; Leader marginalizes the powerless and holds them down; Separatism.

Alternate definition: Adherence to higher goals and values more important than winning; Partnership, cooperation, power with; Protects and preserves natural resources of People and Mother Earth; Honoring the work of an ensemble, a group; Winning is not possessed by one, mutual success and reciprocity; Leader empowers and strengthens others; Togetherness, unity.

Political application: This recent presidential victory is afflicted, hollow, unstable. There is risk of a debacle. A true victory serves, embraces, and protects the whole, not just the few.

Time for REFORM.

Mural “We Fall Down but We Get Back Up” by Pittsburgh-based artist and activist, Kyle Holbrook.


You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

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Life is like the dating game, only the rules have changed.

You remember as girls — when we used to sit by the phone for hours –waiting for the guy to call, thinking does he love me, will he call me. I remember those days of waiting for the guy to call. Oh, the waiting, the wondering, and the wishing.

We all want to be like Sally Field accepting her Oscar. We want that moment when we get to finally shout in relief: “You like me! You really like me!” Read more