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The Awakened Heart

by Ivan Granger and Michele Anderson

These words have somehow managed to simply appear in our lives, bubbling up into our awareness in moments of quiet and inspiration. Some have been spoken quietly in our ears during meditation. Others have been stated by shadowy figures in dreams. A few of the statements you may recognize from previous articles we've posted on our site or as anonymous quotes for the day. What they all share in common is that they have a certain deep resonance that seems to arise from an intelligence beyond our normal consciousness. Like a struck bell, these words can ring on inside you long after you've read them.

We hope these words ring for you too...

The awakened heart

is the true church.

We have two hearts:

one for connecting,
one for letting go. 

The gentle heart
coaxed open:

a witness,

a brilliant fire.


is the quiet intelligence


Awareness is not caged

in the body.

Awareness reaches
beyond the senses.

You only see

what you already are.

All of life is a narrative.

It is always telling you

Quiet your mind

and see.

The answer
is in front of you.

Find the way

to see.

When you are ready
to live life
the outcome

then you are ready

to understand.

Whenever you see beauty,

a snow-covered field
at dusk,

playing through leaves,

a rosebud ready
to bloom --

look well.

The beauty you see is yourself.

The smallest thing,
the most mundane

is a world

of mystery.

We embody

each other.

I am you

strange myths of me.

God is

the sparkle in gold,
the flush of first love,
the comfort of home.

God is

the fullness of every feast
and the exultation
of hard-won victory.

Whatever you seek,

you seek God.

To find its perfection
the soul must reveal

its imperfections.

The divine fire
quietly consumes

all imperfection

and belief
in imperfection. 

Why work
to build perfection
into yourself?

Remove, instead,
the illusion
of imperfection.

Labor less

and open up.

We always
do the best we can

But we rarely
do the best we can.

Unleash imagination!

The world is born

of belief.

To touch eternity,
dive deep

into the present.

The mystery

is you.

The vast

is you.

every thing --

body --

is expression,
not self.

Discover self.

Even our masks

reveal us.

Every word
is an incantation,

every thought
a spell.

Use your magic


We don't get golden opportunities;

we are golden opportunities.

Everyone searches
for the keys to heaven

in a book,
in a teacher,
in a church,
in a prayer.

The keys are there

but can be used
only when you hold the keys



The final key
to the final door

is only found


This is the rule.

All things
are in you,
and you
in all things.

You are
all possibilities.

In love
remember this

and heaven and earth
shall dance for you.


Action proceeds



Copyright (c) 1999 Ivan Granger and Michele Anderson. All rights reserved.

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