Psychic Development

The Bells of Paradise

Using Sound to Unlock Your Intuition



"I hear bells of paradise,
I hear them ring..."


Sound is extremely important to metaphysical and spiritual traditions throughout the world. Often, before an important insight is received or when we open to a spiritual experience, a sound is heard. This sound may whisper quietly or ring softly in your ear but, in some instances, it can be like a torrential downpour.

In the Western/Christian spiritual traditions, this sound is referred to poetically as the Bells of Paradise, or the trumpeting before the gates, the sound of mighty waters.

In Hindu/Yogic mystical traditions, this is the primal sound, the eternal OM. It is Krishna's flute silently calling to the devout.

This sound can be an important key to unlocking your natural intuition. It is associated with the sixth chakra, the subtle energy center called the spiritual eye of intuition.

The spiritual eye perceives the subtle light of creation. Through it, you can catch glimpses of past events, current patterns in people's lives, and likely outcomes in the future. This third eye is energetically located between the eyebrows. The spiritual eye is described as the solar or masculine side of the sixth chakra.

The sound you hear is usually deeper within the head, often at the base of the skull. It is the lunar or feminine pole of this chakra.

The more harmonious and open this energy center becomes, the more aware you become of the intuitive "movies" quietly playing before your vision.

But how do you learn to hear this sound if you're not already doing it? How do you hear a sound without an obvious source?

The key is silence, inner silence. Outer silence helps too, but sometimes awareness of the sound can be induced by mimicking it outwardly.

Try the following exercises until you find the one that best helps you to hear the sound.







Do these exercises and listen quietly, without rambling thoughts. Some people will hear the sound almost immediately. Others will need to practice patiently, but it will come.

At first, the tone will sound far away, barely audible, like static, like the white noise of a television channel with no station on it. You may hear it first within one ear more than the other. When you first become aware of the sound, you may feel that the pressure shifted in your head, like you've just yawned or stepped out of a swimming pool.

Try to pinpoint the sound. Where does it seem to emanate from within you? Most people come to identify it as coming from the base of the skull.

Practice refining the sound. Learn to tune into it more clearly. The static-like quality will change when you really listen to a more pure, resonant tone.

As you learn to do this, let the sound permeate your entire awareness, ringing quietly through your body and your mind. Breathe in this silent sound. With each inward breath, draw the sound deeply into your being. And with each exhale, feel its ringing resonance within you. This sound can quiet and purify, slowly blessing you with more clarity on all levels.

As you practice these exercises and meditations, your thoughts will hold more clarity and your "guesses" more accuracy. This is the beginning of intuition. With more practice, you may start to catch pictures and moving images playing before your eyes; you may even hear words spoken quietly in your inner ear.

This isn't as strange as it may sound. Remember that everyone is born with intuition, but most of the time we are not taught how to use it.


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