The Sound of Grace

by Ivan Granger


It's been a few months since we last posted the New Vision Magazine. Since our last edition, Michele and I have been in a car accident (no serious injuries), celebrated the holidays, taken a brief vacation, and been generally busy in all areas of life. We've finally managed to catch our breath and put together the next edition of the magazine.

Our theme for this edition is "The Sound of Grace."

Easter Resurrection continues my series on the stunning experiences Michele and I shared in the early '90s. I describe the first time Michele began to channel during an Easter vacation at the Oregon coast. This powerful experience shook up my sense of reality, but irrefutably proved to me the existence of non-visible realms of existence. I think you'll find the experience fascinating.

In the Relationship Department, Jeani Stevens once again lends us her playful sense of humor with Salutations. How do you respond when asked, "How are you?"

Grace and sound converge wonderfully in Bells of Paradise : Using Sound to Unlock Your Intuition. In our continuing Psychic Development series, we suggest some exercises to help you tap into the refining power of the primal sound ringing within.

And we have some other interesting articles in the works, to be posted soon. Do check back.

If you haven't yet visited the New Vision Bookshelf, you should. We've got a few hundred books in categories ranging from Women's Spirituality to Psychic Ability and Development. Visit it for some great book recommendations and reviews. Or, let others know about some of your personal favorites. These are the book recommendations I wish someone had given me ten years ago!

In conjunction with both the New Vision Magazine and the Bookshelf, we've created an e-mail newsletter (see Magazine Home). The way most of us browse the Web, we'll find a site we like, bookmark it, visit it once or twice, and forget about it. But there are a lot of wonderful sites out there that we'd check in on more regularly if we knew when they changed.

Thus, our e-mail newsletter -- a playful sampler of magazine articles, Bookshelf book reviews, notifications of updates, some inspired quotes, and whatever else catches our fancy. This is a nice, unobtrusive way of staying connected with the wonderful community that's developing.

We hope you are having a wonderful winter and that the New Vision Magazine brings some warmth and light and the blessings of grace to you during this season.


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