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The Sound of Grace

Winter 97/98 - Volume 2, #1

Easter Resurrection

A personal experience with channeling, faith and redemption

"We were both stunned when she began to spontaneously channel on Easter morning in 1991."

A Choice for Love

Words from the Creator through Michele Mayama

"You will find yourself radiating love so abundantly that you will finally know the meaning of the term abundance. Truthfully, it is that which is radiance without limit..."

Living in Cyclic Time - Part 1:

Big Zucchini Mind

by Dana Gerhardt, M.A.

"If we can name (become conscious of) the overblown expectations and exacting efficiencies that would steal our natural creativity, recovery becomes possible."


The Sound of Grace


Doodles, bits of poetry, random thoughts

Psychic Development

The Bells of Paradise:

Using Sound to Unlock Your Intuition

Often, before an important insight is received or when we open to a spiritual experience, a sound is heard...

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