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The Truth of Dreams
Winter / Spring 99 - Volume 3, #1

Tarot, Dreams & Neurocircuits

by Jaye C. Beldo

"Using the Tarot in dreamwork assists in not only deepening our understanding of our dreams but also helps us become aware of just how multi-dimensional they are and how we can use them to speed up our spiritual evolution."

Dreaming with Crystals

by Linda Lauren

"Dreaming with crystals can enhance the dream state in many ways . . . The results can be enlightening, enriching and therapeutic."

The Creative Muse

Glimpses of the Dharma

Chinese Buddhist Poetry

every heart is its own Buddha
ease off; become immortal



The Truth of Dreams

"There is more life in our dreams than we think, and more dream in our lives than we think."

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Psychic Development

Dreams and the Language of Intuition

"Dreams are a different level of awareness, more fluid, multi-layered, filled with meaning. They are an alternate form of perception..."

Visit the Dreams and Dream Understanding Booklist for an excellent list of recommended reading on all aspects of dreaming.

  • Dream Interpretation & Dreamwork
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Dreaming as a Path to Self-Awareness

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