Dreams, Signs & Symbols

A Gift of Vision

by Michele Anderson



I was busily working on the materials for this Website on a Saturday morning in April when I started to get the feeling I was being watched. I looked up from the papers spread out over my breakfast table and out the window, but my backyard was all stillness in the morning sunlight. Then I saw it, in the tree. At first I thought the creature peering down at me with its large head and pointed "ears" was a cat. Then I saw what it really was -- an owl! A great horned owl was perched in one of the trees in my suburban backyard silently watching me.

I stared back, watching it for more than an hour. I checked her periodically throughout the day, and to my surprise she remained. She came back the next day, and the next. Even now the owl is a regular visitor to my back yard, though I suspect she does most of her most fruitful hunting in nearby fields.

We are in constant dialog with the Universe. We must begin to recognize that the Universe answers back -- through our dreams, our intuitions, in a poignant phrase overheard in a crowd, even through the presence of an unexpected visitor on a warm Saturday morning . . .

This Premier Issue of the New Vision On-Line Newsletter opens up with the feature article "Psychic Ability: Gift or Learned?" The common assumption is that you either have the gift or you don't, but I suggest that it is a gift available to all. What might this mean to your life? In "Silent Guns," we hear a fascinating story of a past life in the American Civil War and how recalling those experiences today brings healing to the present.

The newsletter includes two regular departments dedicated to understanding how the Divine communicates with us. Psychic Development discusses attitudes and suggests activities to help you better hear this universal language. Dreams, Signs and Symbols helps you to interpret this language. These two departments work hand-in-hand.

The third department alternates between everyday issues we face in our relationships, careers, and life transitions. This month it focuses on relationships in "Romancing Yourself."

Intuition and psychic ability are still too often hidden subjects: mysterious, clouded by disbelief and shaded by misunderstanding. However, our owl friend reminds us that our perception is amazingly flexible and we can see in all directions. We can learn to see clearly that which is hidden in the night and bring it to the light of day. We can view our lives and world with new perspectives, with new vision.

Please feel free to visit this New Vision On-Line Magazine regularly. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.


Respectfully and with Blessings,

Michele Anderson


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