The Creative Muse


by Michele Anderson



Dreams planted in the Seat of the Soul
yearning to run spirited free
the eager, earthy pioneer of humankind
born rich with power of Mind.
DreamSeeds grow deep in the absolute darkness
of Faith
give birth in the lightness of universal embrace.
Whisper O whisper your dreams intent in God's ear.
Believe, be true,
softly, silly kiss Fear in the eye.
Behold, God's hands on your shoulders
gently lifting you sky-high
flying unbodied, carried over
the Field of Your Dreams.
You see the wind tickling the thick, green river of grassy, green fields once seed.
Souls can sow what they think just could.
Voices heard are understood.
All dreamers give a contribution.
Harvesting a part of the Solution.
Earth, birth, and We.

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