Psychic Ability: Gift or Learned?

by Michele Anderson


In this material world, we assume that psychic ability is extraordinary. In our culture, if we recognize the ability's existence at all, we believe that only a special few have it.

In fact, psychic ability belongs to the soul. Since everyone has a soul, everyone has access to this natural ability. Psychic ability is not optional; it's a necessity. This inherent gift gives us focus and direction in life. It's an internal compass that guides with both heart and mind.

So, if psychic ability exists and everyone has it, why don't most people feel like they have it? Two main reasons: mass consciousness and fear.

We often overlook how profoundly our world is defined by belief. Take this example: You are a child born into a family with little interest or belief in metaphysics. At age five you discover a knack for finding lost things around the house. Your parents are amused, but pay no attention. For many children, that lack of attention is enough for them to focus on more attention-getting behaviors.

You don't give up. When, at age seven, you boldly proclaim you can hear other people's thoughts, your parents' reaction is more severe. "Don't be silly. That's impossible." Silly. Impossible. Then, you talk less about these psychic experiences. Were you making it up, you wonder?

At age ten, with innocent tactlessness, you ask your uncle about the red-haired woman you've seen him with . . . the woman who isn't his wife. You are either accused of lying or spying. You don't really know what you've done, but the clear message from the grown-ups -- which you are now trying desperately to become yourself -- is that admitting these insights is wrong. And silly. And impossible.

Years of reinforcing that these perceptions are wrong shuts down the ability in all but the most talented and self-confident of individuals.

Certainly not all children are born with such a natural psychic talent, but they are the most open to it because they haven't yet subscribed to the consensus reality of adults. Psychic skill can be taught, like any other life skill. Instead, it is ridiculed.

The other major block we have is fear. The soul is always striving for harmony and balance. Psychic ability is a truth-finding tool and the soul uses it for finding the broken threads and loose hinges in our lives. The soul wants to mend and heal, and revealing imbalance is the first step to restoring balance.

But this causes a dilemma for most of us. We often identify more with our outer personalities, our social masks, than we do with our inner souls. For the soul to find its perfection, it must periodically reveal imperfections in the outer personality. And this can be frightening. Many of us unconsciously shut down our psychic ability in order to avoid facing this fear.

To develop your psychic ability, adopt your soul. By that I mean, recognize that you are first, last and always a spiritual being. Psychic ability then becomes a more natural expression of who you are, and the insight you gain feels less psychologically threatening.

In order for your inner self, your true self, to become stronger and more whole, the outer self must sometimes become vulnerable. Be loyal to your inner self, enjoy your soul's adventure toward perfection, and know that the intuition will never steer you wrong.

The more you learn to recognize your intuition and trust it, the more accurate it will become. This is a powerful step in re-awakening psychic ability.

Psychic ability is not a fantasy. It is not impossible. Neither is it given arbitrarily to a select few. The main reason we don't see it widely exercised is that mass belief has a powerful current, pulling us into the lukewarm waters of limited possibility. And the light the intuition shines on our own lives revealing what needs healing can frighten us.

But, in truth, the intuition is an attribute of the soul. When cultivated properly, it brings abundant blessings and is available to all.

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