Psychic Development

Attitudes and practices to develop the intuition



The Psychic Detective


Why is the grocery clerk moody every time you pass through with your bag of groceries? Why does your best friend stay in her unhappy marriage? Why did your brother give up his sculpting? It's natural to want to know the answer to these questions. The intuition has a passion for investigating human nature and understanding life.

We are all detectives in life. Psychics use one of the most effective tools for gathering life's clues: the spyglass of intuition. Good detectives and good psychics share some basic qualities.

Observation and Attention

A psychic must awaken his or her observation skills on all levels by paying attention to what's hidden or commonly overlooked as well as what's obvious. Most of life's answers are in these missing pieces. To be a good psychic, you must learn to see behind the masks we wear and value the person, the soul, and the truth underneath.

The intuition's divine assignment is to see beyond appearances to find and reveal the truth. When you perceive clearly, you recognize the unity behind the appearance of chaos, and the balancing force within change and motion. As a psychic, your assignment is to bring healing awareness to others. Your mission is to nourish, inspire joy and self-awareness.

So sharpen your observation skills by watching all the moods of a sunset. Listen quietly to the birds outside your bedroom window. Study carefully your own emotions and life choices. Always ask yourself, "What am I really perceiving?"


An Open Mind

A psychic mind is an antenna receiving constant information. The more you assume you can't know or don't know, the worse the reception. Placing judgment or making assumptions creates mental static. You must quiet your mind to receive insight clearly.

Sit silently in your room a few minutes every day. Take a twenty minute walk, and see if you can keep your mind free from inner chatter. Cultivate an open, quiet and peaceful mind, so insight has a place to come into.

People ask me repeatedly about their spouses, lovers, friends. If I judge these relationships and keep any preconceptions, I limit my access to important information, and I may even hinder their growth as a result. An open mind keeps people free and gives you clarity.

Do you know what your biases are? Learn to recognize them and set them aside. Insight will come much more easily.



Get in the habit of asking questions. The intuition has a curious nature, don't dull it with unnecessary routine. Changing your routine changes your thinking patterns and reawakens your interest in the world around you. Break your routine and drive the long way home. Write some poetry. Stretch your mind daily.

Ask yourself what you really believe. Our beliefs can define who we are, so pick and choose your beliefs with care.

Ask yourself what you really know. You'll find you know more than you thought you did. Knowledge, true knowledge, is the open door that no man can shut. So seek insight enthusiastically and watch the possibilities in you life open wide.


Independent Thinking

To see behind masks, to perceive differently, you have to be bit of a rebel. We hear the voice of our teachers, our parents, our bosses, our government ringing in our heads. We must learn to distinguish our own inner voice of wisdom from all the external voices. Recognizing this inner authority links us to the soul where decisions are made with heart and the realm of possibility is embraced.

There is a veil of mystery surrounding the intuition because it is naturally assigned to investigate inner, hidden things. But the intuition is not so mysterious, what's puzzling is the subject -- we are puzzling. Put on your detective's hat by cultivating an attentive, open, inquisitive mind and cherish the truth you discover.


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