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Encountering the Shadow of Death

Summer 98 - Volume 2, #2

Coyote's Story:

Encountering Death

by Sheila Griffin

"On this day, I walked around to the back yard of Raven's house. She was there sitting on a large piece of clear plastic, head bent, busy at work with the 'road kill.' She had been wanting some coyote medicine when a friend brought Grandfather Coyote to her."

Living in Cyclic Time - Part 2:

Looking Deeply at the Moon

by Dana Gerhardt

When was the last time you stared intently at the moon?

"The new moon is ripe with potential, like a newly germinated seed. At the full moon comes the flowering, illumination time, revealing how the seed's potential was (or was not) fulfilled."

The Creative Muse

Excerpts from the mystical poetry of


"I am
all orders of being,
the circling galaxy,
the evolutionary intelligence,
the lift and the falling away."



Encountering the Shadow of Death


Doodles, bits of poetry, random thoughts

Psychic Development

Not Doing:

Boredom and Unpatterned Awareness

"In boredom worlds open up to us."

Crystal Awareness

by Linda Lauren

"Have you ever held a quartz crystal in your hand? Ever feel the wondrous delight of its gentle hum to your palm or feel its soothing vibration sear through your fingers...?"

Children's Letters to God

I would like to live 900 years like the guy in the Bible.

-- Love, Chris

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