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Welcome to the New Vision Intuition Newsletter. This newsletter is an offering to you of wisdom stories, intuition keys, education on signs and symbols, and other resources to further your spiritual growth. May this awaken your intuition, inspire you, and spark awareness. May your connections with other people, your loved ones, strangers, and animal friends deepen and flourish.

Michele Anderson

Signs and Symbols

Signs and symbols are the language of intuition. Imagery from our dreams and our daily life is Divine communication: a Divine Morse code. When a sign or symbol pops up in a dream or your daily life, start with the metaphoric meaning. Use the art of brainstorming to decipher possible messages.

For example, let's look at what a tree can mean:


Tree = family tree = family
Tree with flower blossoms = period of growth
Tree with no leaves = stagnation or period of retreat
Tree that falls down = death of a person or a situation that can feel like death
Tree that loses a branch = losing a relative, having to let go
Tree branch that touches another tree = relationship, connection
Tree branch that extends across a stream = bridge to a new beginning, safe passage
Tree with disease in front yard = is someone or a situation in your outer world sick or unhealthy
Tree with disease in back yard = is someone among your relatives ill (back yard = heritage)
Tree split by lightning -- an unexpected separation
Groups of trees -- a forest -- community

Also types of trees are significant. An oak tree has different qualities than a weeping willow. A weeping willow can suggest melancholy or depression, an oak vitality and inner strength, holding one's own.

These are only a few possible examples of tree messages. Metaphoric meaning is not fixed. There isn't a table or a dictionary you can look in and say, Ah, this means this. The metaphoric meaning of symbols is a nudge to your awareness meant to engage your intuition.

Intuition is stimulated by imagery. Imagery reaches in and grabs your psyche's attention. By working with the metaphor, you are asking the tree directly what the message is, not just checking a list. Working with intuition is entering into a spiritual dialogue with your environment.

Intuition Development Programs

Intuition Coaching and Intuition Training Program -- One-to-one guidance in cultivating your intuitive skills. Self-directed and structured programs available. Exercises and spiritual practices will be suggested. Valuable for beginners and advanced students alike. Programs for healing and service professionals, as well as for the general public.

Intuition Keys -- Applying the intuition to daily life situations.

What do you do when faced with the dilemma of whether you should move to a new location or not? First, ask that Divine Wisdom move through you. This is very much like asking a counselor, a friend, a teacher for some guidance with the highest saint overseeing the process. Asking for guidance opens the gates of receptivity preparing you to receive insight; you have to admit that you do not know, so you can create the space for knowing.

In order to fill your cup, empty it.

Divine Wisdom stirs up bodily sensation; your body starts to talk to you. A "no" can show up as an upset stomach or some other similar tension that makes you want to draw protectively inward. A "yes" often feels like a fountain of water moving through you, a pulsating wave of energy. Your back may tingle, and you may be overcome with warmth and a streaming sense of possibility.

Knowing your direction is not only an emotional sensation, but a physical one; you feel an alignment with your body. If your body was a Christmas Tree, all the lights would turn on indicating a "Go." You are hearing the bidding -- the call -- of the Divine, which is the bidding of your own soul. You are the vehicle for the Higher Universal Purpose to manifest itself.

Intuition moving through you is not so intangible after all; it's a physical experience once you've fine tuned your senses.

Thought for the Day

"Intelligence does not belong to us, to puff up our accomplishments or perpetuate the ego. Intelligence belongs to all of humanity and must be used in service to humanity." -- Michele Anderson

Wordplay: Paranormal

Words and their definitions reflect our understanding, as well as common misconceptions. They are limited in their ability to describe our experiences, especially metaphysical experiences. Play with redefining words to open up perception. Words have the power to liberate or to oppress. The subtle meanings of words hold immense power.

The word 'paranormal' is used to describe experiences beyond our comprehension. A dictionary might define it as "psychic phenomena outside the range of the normal." This definition is revealing: we don't yet understand what's outside of our range of vision, it's beyond normal. The word 'paranormal' expresses fear about the subject!

Something is only beyond normal until we can fit it into our mental scope. We need words that don't distance ourselves from what we deem as unusual. How can be get closer to what we do not understand? By working to define its essential nature.

We engineer walls in this free flowing Universe with the power of the mind, and we have the same capacity to build bridges instead.

Spirits, if asked, will comment in an outspoken tone of voice, "You may think that you live on your side of town, and we live in our side of town, but we co-mingle -- all the time." Even spirits are our neighbors, and we can choose to interact with them or not.

In essence, there is no segregation between various dimensions, only a mutual relationship based on a deep desire to communicate with one another. Neighborhoods are wired with phone lines, so that people in different houses who don't see each other face-to-face can still communicate. The Universe is wired in such a way.

Intercommunication and interconnection is the basis for paranormal experiences. Perhaps, we can start here to shift from the word 'paranormal' to new words and definitions that give credence and meaning to these experiences. When we begin to include these experiences in what we consider 'normal,' they become more accessible and real to us.

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