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Hi --

Life Lesson for the month of July: the only permanent life long guarantee we have is that change is coming.

I thought that we wouldn't have to change our residence and how many pets we have for a while. I was counting on being able to stay in this friendly neighborhood for at least five years or more. Also, we've always had two beautiful dogs. We are a pack of four: my husband, myself, Barkley and Kilika. Once you have two dogs, you always have two dogs, right? What we count on is ever shifting beneath our feet evolving into something awkwardly new, yet inviting.

Old neighborhoods lose their old neighborhood feel. Animal companions who have spent each and every day and year with us, then one day are no longer here; they die too.

We found a sweet house on Alpine in Central Boulder a year ago, just a few blocks walk from downtown with a magnificent view of the Flatirons, the mountains that mark the Boulder area. A year later, many of the houses on Alpine are being scraped, and new, large homes are going up. In fact, we live in a row of four homes that all have been sold, are going to be demolished and rebuilt. The construction noise pounded in our heads, and we were sad over the trees that went down with the houses. This is a neighborhood that was built in the 50s that's losing its 50s look. Many of the neighbors have lived on this street for at least a few decades, and they all know each other: what their work is and the names of all the children, they rub elbows daily. They fear this friendly warmth will be lost, and that a cold distant air will set in.

Because my husband and I often work from home, the construction noise became too disruptive and we moved to another home in a North Boulder neighborhood. It is adjacent to an elementary school. The sound of children playing is music to our ears. There are many tree friends nearby rustling their leaves to greet us. We are home.

I wrote you in the last newsletter about our dog, Kilika, a white fluffy Samoyed who was struggling with being able to walk. Our dear Kilika passed away on July 14th. She lost her ability to walk in early June, and we had to carry her outside so she could go to the bathroom or so she could just change her position. She cried a lot - day and night - because she could no longer move. It's heartbreaking to hear the cry of an animal companion. We tried various remedies, which helped briefly. But then she got worse, her breathing strained, her digestion failing her. We had to put her down. We will miss her dearly. At fifteen and a half years old, she did live a long life for a pooch.

I wanted to thank the beautiful couple, a physician and his wife from India who suggested some homeopathic treatments that we could give her earlier this summer. Thank you C. Mull for sending some wonderful links on animal healing and communication to help Kilika. Several clients sent heartwarming thoughts and cards. Thank you everyone for your caring thoughts and love for animals.

May all of our animal friends be loved and blessed,
--Michele Anderson


Signs and Symbols: A Cat Story

I love it when symbols show up with relative ease and a simple explanation and I don't have to do a jigsaw puzzle in my head to sort out the meaning. I want you to know that interpreting symbols can be easy and sometimes these helpful signs save the day as well. I also feel good to know when someone is helped.

My husband and I were just walking out of the Boulder Public Library late one Friday afternoon when I noticed a flyer on the sidewalk: Missing Cat named “Pico.”

This poster was a few days old and the name matched the name of a friend's cat - which is an unusual name. This friend (and her cat) had just moved to the area in the last few weeks. Not only did the unusual name match, the picture looked exactly like her cat. The cat had black fur and white paws just like her cat. The only difference was that she spelled her cat's name “Piko” with a K, not a C. I knew this wasn't about her cat directly, but since the similarities were striking, I knew this was a warning that her cat might get lost if she wasn't careful.

I called my friend immediately and I said I had seen this flyer. She said, “ I was just thinking about letting Piko outdoors for the first time tonight. He's been going bonkers staying inside all the time because he is an outdoor cat.” I said, “This flyer may be a warning to wait until he gets used to the neighborhood.” In a previous move, her cat tried to run off to return to the old residence. She and her cat had only been living in the neighborhood for two weeks. And they were far from their regular home in Maui, Hawaii.

She agreed that it was a warning to keep her cat inside for another few weeks, much to the cat's dismay! She did finally let him outdoors a few weeks later, and he hasn't run off or gotten lost.

Signs can appear with amazing timing, often when it's a warning. We saw the flyer at 5 pm in the afternoon, just when she was getting off work. She would have let her cat out within a few hours. The flyer served as a warning to wait until Piko got acclimated to the new area, perhaps saving her cat's life.


Energetic Gridwork of Land, Home and Body

I've had a fascination with geomancy, dowsing and Feng Shui, the energetic study of land and home. I enjoy studying relationships and patterns between things. In acupuncture, there are meridians, streams of energy that are interconnected throughout the body. Imagine how riverways connect and you'll have a picture of how meridians flow in the body. Ley lines are the meridians or energetic pathways in the earth.

Okay now, put your 3-D glasses on…

When we were living on Maui, I had an interesting dream about energetic gridwork. I was shown the energetic connection between two homes on the same property. On Maui, you don't find many townhomes or apartments, instead there's typically a main house with two to three bedrooms and a cottage (an ohana in Hawaiian) that's the size of an apartment located on the same property.

In this dream, I was shown a drawing of these properties on a universal gridwork, an energetic gridwork that was a shared space with a diagonal line drawn between each property. This vision showed me that whatever is happening in one residence on the same or nearby property can affect the other residence to some degree, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

In the following life examples, I'm looking at how construction may affect the body in various ways according to this gridwork theory. I'm not making an assumption, I'm asking the question: Does construction impact our bodies and affect our health?

Hotel in Boulder - 2nd floor construction

My husband and I were visiting Boulder one weekend, driving three and a half hours from our home (at the time) in Steamboat Springs. We had already made hotel reservations and arrived that afternoon at this hotel. We discovered that they were doing major construction on the 2nd floor. You could hear the sounds of hammers and saws. The crews worked late through part of the evening. We tried to get out of our room reservation, but we were only able to get a room discount.

Within a month of this room stay, I noticed a crack in an upper tooth. In order for the dentist to even get to the tooth where the crack was, I had to have my upper wisdom teeth removed. This turned out to be a major dental event - a surgery was required to just get to the tooth that needed repair.

Perspective: The upper teeth are the 2nd floor of the mouth. We were sleeping underneath the gravitational force of this construction. Was the energetic force and pressure of sleeping under the 2nd floor where a lot of construction work was being done enough to cause a crack in a tooth and then the resultant dental work? Or was it at least a synchronicity that was indicating what I'd be facing with this tooth?

House being built next door

On a Wednesday morning, we looked out our windows facing west to see the house being demolished right next door to us, the walls collapsing, and trees being pulled from the ground.

Within one week my husband sprained his right shoulder. No apparent cause, maybe just sleeping on it wrong pulled some tendons. Within three weeks, I sprained the same shoulder for no apparent reason.

Perspective: When we enter the house, our bodies align with the house. The construction is just off the right shoulder of the house (from the perspective of someone entering the house). Is it possible that the construction on that side of the house was causing shoulder aches and pains, an energetic impact, on our shoulders? I'd bet that Feng Shui experts would say yes and they would add that construction would affect the local inhabitants, animals and people, even more so when there isn't a spiritual approach to the building project. When people make prayers to the land and other rituals to honor the land, there is more harmony.

Deer used to visit the property next door. Now, there are no trees for them to sit under. The landmarks, the familiar scent trails, rock and tree friends, have been displaced and erased. The deer returned early on when the construction project began, and they haven't been back since. There's no more land for them to walk on, only the skeleton of the new house.

A few final notes

A friend of ours who lives only a few blocks away said her cat died of kidney failure within a few weeks of a major construction project beginning across the street from her. The place across the street from her was a vacant lot. Then, they started digging extensively preparing to set a foundation for a large house.

Our dog, Kilika, lost her ability to walk completely - not being able to lift herself at all except for her shoulders and neck - within three days of the house being demolished next door. Is there an energetic relationship here between major construction projects and the health of animals and people?

Perspective: During the beginning stages of a construction project, there is an energetic hole. Like when a root is removed for a root canal or a tooth is pulled, until it's filled there is an opening, a place of vulnerability. I would guess that the point of greatest vulnerability is at the beginning of a construction project when a hole is made, but not filled in and completed yet. This must cause an energetic leak or drain on those living closest to it. Both animals and people can feel this energetic gap.


Thought for the day

"Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating. There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather."

-- John Ruskin

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