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Hi -

Books can change your life. In 1982, I was first introduced to reincarnation when I found a book at a metaphysical bookstore in Eugene, Oregon called Many Mansions: The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation by Gina Cerminara. I received my first reading from a psychic working at that bookstore. Within the same year, my neighbor showed me a more comprehensive book on reincarnation. This marked a beginning point in my life when I started exploring many topics on spirituality: the nature of reality, past lives, the soul and psychology. A whole world opened up that would shape my thoughts and ideas for many years to come.

May some of the following books open a door in your life.



Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small
By Ted Andrews

I collect symbol books, including those on animals. This is the definitive book on the spiritual qualities of animals. Lighthouse Books, Boulder, Colorado's downtown metaphysical bookstore, says this book is one of their bestsellers. I'm not surprised. Andrews gives us information about the habitat and behavior of each animal as well as their spiritual properties. If you want to start a library on the spiritual significance of animals, buy this one to get you started. This is a reference book to return to often.

Tranformation Soup: Healing for the Splendidly Imperfect

Just looking at Sark's artwork will make you smile - it's vibrant and playful -- skipping across the pages of her book. Sark is an advocate for self-acceptance, healing, and abundant creativity. These bright journals with her drawings and handwritten script are personal and overflowing with ideas that stem from her own life experiences. I've given away many Sark books. Her books make wonderful gifts to inspire friends and family - to soothe the soul.

The Woman Who Glows in the Dark: A Curandera Reveals Traditional Aztec Secrets of Physical and Spiritual Health
By Elena Avila

I've studied healing since the 80s and I'm always interested in reading about healing methods, especially from other cultures because they will acknowledge soul sicknesses from trauma, fright, heartache, to jealousy. Avila tends to the spirit of a person as much as the body recognizing that emotional states can poison the body, and have the power to heal.

A helpful link and article on Curanderismo:

Here's a note from the author herself from amazon.com:

"The author, Elena Avila, April 22, 1999, The Gods and Medicine that Refused to Die. Practicing Curanderismo has taught me to be creative, compassionate, and more in touch with the Divine light of Spirit. This luminous medicine has been passed down orally for hundreds of years. I am the first practicing Curandera to write a comprehensive book on Curanderismo. I need to share how relevant, powerful, and useful this spiritual medicine is to the Universal community. I also have a Master's Degree in Nursing. Has it made me a better Curandera? No. Being a Curandera has made me a better nurse. In conventional medicine, the body goes to the hospital, the mind to the psychiatrist, and the spirit and soul to the church. In Curanderismo, the healing takes place under one roof, with earth mother as the foundation, and the Divine as the source. Ometeotl"


Signs and Symbols - Timing - Part Two

Knowing when to move

When you know that it's time to move somewhere, you may have the experience of feeling like you are in two places at once suspended between two locations. I was driving from Upcountry Kula to Kahului one afternoon in the spring of 2004, and I felt like it was time to move from Maui back to Colorado. The road to Kahului seemed old; I knew that I was going to be only taking this highway through the spiky green pineapple fields a few more times. The afternoon sun seemed brighter, and the clouds closer. Everything lit up, not only the realization of a possible move, but the whole Maui landscape took on a more brilliant color.

What prompted that feeling of knowing when it's right to move? How do we know when to take a certain path? Go to the first barometer -- your own body. Your own body is a compass. Your body will respond. Chills may run down your spine. There is warmth and familiarity accompanied by the sadness of making a change, feelings of letting go and arriving well up inside.

Knowing can be like a flash on your camera. A splash of light brightens your surroundings. For a moment, all is vivid and filled with color. You feel a flush of new energy, charged up connecting with boldness and a sense of purpose. You receive images of your new location - the sights, sounds, and smells of this place are already with you. Your new location will show up in your dreams. You will feel carried as if an invisible hand is moving things along helping you to your destination.

Bookends - a chapter in one's life

You may encounter 'bookends,' people and things that you were first introduced to at the beginning will show up as you close up shop in your old location. Bookends are markers of the beginning and end of a chapter in your life, like bookends on a bookshelf. A friend you haven't seen in a while, someone you first met when you started living at your old location, will suddenly appear. Someone will return a book to you that they've kept the whole time. You'll go to a restaurant that you went to the first time you arrived only to go there to eat for the last time around. The end is connected to the beginning.


Develop your intuitive skills more deeply.

Intuition Training Program with Michele Anderson



Thought for the day

"A Healing Dream can never be completely 'interpreted,' or fully understood. Healing Dreams want us to stop making sense; not just to crack the case, but to enter the mystery."
-- Marc Ian Barasch, Healing Dreams


Announcing An Online Intuition Forum -- a place to share the collective dream

Traditionally, Aborigines would share dreams in a circle each day and then act on a dream's guidance. If a person appears in a dream, the interaction with that person is considered real. They will make corrective and healing action as suggested by the dream.

Studying the intuition includes studying nightly dreams as well as synchronicities, which can be understood as dreams that surface during the day. The intuition is a vehicle for perception and it doesn't shut down when we are asleep. Perception or insight is constantly available.

To share dreams and intuition in a circle is a blessed event. The imagery from the intuition is a grouping of cultural and personal hieroglyphics that are alive, organic, and rich with meaning. These pictorial images are deserving of our attention and discussion, so we can distill their wisdom. Thus, the idea of developing a forum was born to bring together a circle of people interested in sharing their intuitive experiences and insights.

I've developed two forums, one for a larger circle, for anyone wanting to discuss the intuition. The second forum is a focus group for the students in my Language of Intuition classes and training program.

I hope that you will join us for intelligent, uplifting and inspiring conversations on the intuition. You are invited to join in the circle. To participate, please go to http://www.newvision-psychic.com/forum/.


An Intuition Exercise: how to enter dreamtime

Dreamtime is an alternate state of perception where you can access insight and increase your visual acuity. Dreaming is not a fleeting image, but an experience where an event or series of images speaks to you with a message. Here are a few suggestions that will begin to open you to dreamtime.

1. Change your routine, change your mind
Doing something the same way over and over again with repetition programs the mind, and you'll begin to only see through a narrow lens. Conversely, if you change the way you do something, you can reprogram the mind, which is like installing new software into your hard drive. Walk in a new neighborhood. When you brush your teeth, start on the left side instead of the right. Take a different route to work.

2. Change your vantage point, change your viewpoint
Do you always sit facing west at your desk? Well, move your desk so you are facing south for a while. When you sit at a meeting, do you always sit at the end of the conference table? Try sitting in the middle. Do you live in a valley? Go to a crested hill or knoll, and just sit and take in the view, and the new viewpoint.

3. Change your gaze from straight on to off to the side
(I wouldn't recommend trying this while you are driving.) Dreamtime isn't linear. It's like wearing a visor hat with an attaching fog light that cuts through the haze, and lights up a circular area around you, front and back. Next time you are sitting in front of someone, adjust your gaze so it's off to the right or left a little. What do you notice? When you are watching a speaker, what do you see when you shift your gaze to either side of him or her?

4. Switch roles, change your identity
The roles we play of housewife, stockbroker, schoolteacher, husband or wife can define us. Change your role even if it's for a day. Give yourself room for different identities, and outlooks on life. If you're the quiet one, go sing at a karaoke bar once a week. If you're the husband and breadwinner, take care of the kids and do the laundry for a day per week. Let your wife take you out to dinner. If you are a lawyer, go teach a ballroom dance class some basic steps one evening. Take a few classes first, but go do it.

5. Don't be afraid of life's bloopers or of being foolish
The fool is a great archetype for taking risks and remembering that life is a game of improvisation. Try new things often: a game of pool, a balloon ride, horseback riding, and snowshoeing. That moment when you try something the very first time is when you are vulnerable, and yet open and receptive. Dreamtime is captured in that moment where the surprise and the humble meet. Seeing with new eyes means not taking ourselves too seriously.


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