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Welcome to the New Vision Intuition Newsletter. This newsletter is an offering to you of wisdom stories, intuition keys, education on signs and symbols, and other resources to further your spiritual growth. May this awaken your intuition, inspire you, and spark awareness. May your connections with other people, your loved ones, strangers, and animal friends deepen and flourish.

Michele Anderson

Signs and Symbols

In my personal life and in working with clients, I pay a lot of attention to messages and information the universe sends my way. But how do I know what to look for? When is an object or event particularly meaningful beyond its surface appearance? How do you recognize a "sign"?

Signs are unexpected. They appear in unusual ways that pull you out of your routines and habitual thought patterns. Signs are often animated, calling to you, "See me! I'm over here!" Signs stand out. They can shout, and wear strange clothes to get your attention. They are the spiritual jester hoping to awaken you.

One interesting way that life can deliver messages to you is through unusual mail. Sometimes what is misdelivered mail is right where it belongs -- at your doorstep -- for a reason. Here are some examples of strange mail I received at key points in my life:

Discovering new realities

In the 1980s, I received a letter addressed to me, but with no return address. The stamp was a silver flying saucer gleaming in the upper right hand corner of the envelope but there wasnÕt even a postal cancellation mark across the stamp. And there was nothing inside the envelope!

This definitely caught my attention!

Who delivered this? This marked a period in my life where I was beginning to explore everything metaphysical from precognitive dreaming to alternative healing methods. That silver flying saucer was symbolic of the new worlds I was beginning to explore.

A big move

In the spring of 2000, my husband and I received a strange letter at our Steamboat Springs, Colorado post office box. The letter was from New Zealand and, though the address was correct, it was meant for someone else. The letter was from the New Zealand immigration office. We werenÕt planning on moving to New Zealand, but we had in recent weeks started to talk about the possibility of moving to Hawaii.

That letter was among a series of signs that were nudging us to make this change -- we were immigrating to a new place. When we did decide to move to Hawaii, we found that it was actually much like moving to another country.

A work assignment

I was working at a publisher's office in Boulder, Colorado several years ago, and I received something in a manila interdepartmental mail envelope. That was common enough, but this was -- bizzarely Š interdepartmental mail from an east coast university. This was interoffice mail, meant to go from one department to another at the university. It was supposed to go across campus, not across half the country to end up on my desk in Colorado! Yet, here it was. The letter inside was about an upcoming interview that would be videotaped.

Within several weeks of receiving this unusual package, I was assigned my first writing assignment at the magazine, which was to interview Larry Dossey M.D. This wasn't just any writing assignment. I was interviewing someone who had inspired me for over a decade with his ability to show through research, philosophy and quantum physics how healing methods like prayer and energy healing have tangible results.

Time to apply myself

In 1990, I was attending an art show in downtown Eugene, Oregon with my boyfriend (and future husband), when a young man handed me a 4X5 purple coupon. He didn't offer an explanation; he just placed the coupon in my hand and walked away. The coupon said: "Cosmic Vision Coupon, Good for One," with the words "informal, noncommittal, drop-in, democratic, anarchistic, critical, interactive, process-oriented, humanistic. No topic too sacred." This coupon suggested some kind of group meeting, but there was no contact information, and no meeting place listed.

This struck me as so odd that IÕve kept the purple card to this day.

That coupon arrived just as a revolution was occurring in my life. After years of apprenticeship in the intuition and healing arts, I started to conceive of ways to make it my profession. I began to truly recognize myself as an "intuitive," rather than someone who was trying to understand the intuition. I was gaining some "cosmic vision."

Thought for the Day

"Political change is not in the hands of one president or another. We are individually and collectively responsible for the health and harmony of our families, our communities, and our nation. Our hands shape this world."

Intuition Keys

We have a choice in life: either establish an inner sense of authority, or allow someone to dictate it to us.

If we assume that someone else knows better than we do, we remain vulnerable to being told what to think and what to do. We may find ourselves submitting too easily to parents or other authority figures (teachers, bosses, spouses, government, advertisers). Like a child, we become conditioned by those we give authority to, allowing them to shape us and imprint their will on us.

In doing so, we get trapped in cycles of disapproval and approval. We begin to rely on an outer authority for personal validation. Approval from others is a deal that will always be broken.

The price of this sort of conditioning and externalization of authority is a loss of self, a loss of center, a loss of internal voice. Conditioning controls by promoting confusion and a forgetting of basic human values. Is it right for a teacher to slap your hand if you get the wrong answer? Is it okay for your parents to compulsively push you in your career? Is it right for a boss to sexually pressure you? Is it moral for a government to kill with your tax dollars? The price of conditioning is the acceptance of acts of cruelty as being business as usual.

Conditioning uses hypnotic suggestion as the primary means of control. Repeated statements like "you aren't smart enough" from a teacher or "you don't smell good without this product" from an advertiser work to undermine a healthy sense of self. They create their own sense of reality, a sort of trance state.

To break this hypnotic trance, to remain awake, we must learn to rely on an inner authority, an internal reference point. Intuition is standing on a mountaintop observatory watching yourself and your surroundings. You begin to value yourself, your inner promptings, and tap your own truth. You choose to become the sage, the keeper of your own wisdom.

Establishing an inner sense of authority requires diligent, bold effort. To do this we must take a look at ourselves every day. We must make an internal inventory of ourselves. Inner authority demands that we have an honest relationship with ourselves.

Conditioning uses reward and punishment to control behavior. The sage governs with kindness and wisdom. Every action, even failures and mistakes, generate wisdom. Mistakes and embarrassments aren't threatening to inner authority, they allow you to gather even greater strength. When the reward and punishment bureau in your life is finally closed, you've begun to overturn your conditioning. ThatÕs when you encounter the sage Š within yourself!

The benefits of tapping your inner wisdom:

1. We begin to see that everything has a halo. Even our garbage takes on a new light.

2. Making enough money is no longer a survival instinct, it's a humanitarian instinct -- making a better world for yourself and others.

3. Relationships stop capsizing, and they begin to stay afloat.

4. Time in no longer minute by minute, it is moment to moment.

5. Our complaints quiet down to a soft murmur. We don't get angry if we aren't first in line at the bank.

6. We have more room for creativity.

7. We recognize the inherent beauty of strangers, the homeless, the physically challenged, the suffering.

8. We discover that the childhood story of Dr. Doolittle was right all along: Animals do talkÉ and guide, and teach.

9. All those things that are 'wrong' about our families -- those blemishes disappear. Well, actually, they donÕt disappear, but those blemishes are seen as part of a larger, complex beauty.

10. We don't lose our keys or eyeglasses as often.

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