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Hi -

Welcome to the New Vision Intuition Newsletter. This newsletter is an offering to you of wisdom stories, intuition keys, education on signs and symbols, and other resources to further your spiritual growth. May this awaken your intuition, inspire you, and spark awareness. May your connections with other people, your loved ones, strangers, and animal friends deepen and flourish.

Michele Anderson

Intuition Keys

When you want to awaken a new quality in your life, invite it in. Put a "Welcome!" sign out front. Keep a seat open for the intuition wherever you are; make room.

Romance your intuition. When you feel stuck, beckon your intuition for an answer. Say, "Show me the way, I know you know the way." If intuition were leading a class, do you have your paper and pen ready?

To begin to welcome intuitive experiences, start here:

1. Start a journal, and record your dreams. The intuition loves to be in the news of your life.
2. Slow down. The intuition abhors a busy and hectic life.
3. Imagination and intuition are great friends. Have you used your imagination lately?
4. Reset your beliefs. Are you ready to welcome in new ideas? The intuition loves to introduce you to new worlds.
5. Rearrange the furniture in your living room. The intuition loves to face new directions.
6. Clean up. The intuition locks up when there's a lot of unfinished business in our lives.
7. Drop critical attitudes. The intuition loves an open mind.


Signs and Symbols

To understand how signs and symbols appear in your day-to-day experience, expand your definition of dreaming. The movie projector of dreaming doesn't stop rolling when you wake up at 7 am. The film keeps rolling all day long.

In the late 80s, I taught classes on understanding dreams through a community education program in Louisville, Kentucky. I drove an hour and a half each way to teach this class. I thought I understood dreaming, especially precognitive dreaming. Since 1982, I started having dreams at night that happened during the day. I would dream it, and the events would unfold the next day. At first this alarmed me, then it was magic, a fascinating dance of dreams and daily life that I started watching very carefully.

This made me think I knew something about dreaming, but my notion of dreaming expanded further. Over time, I began to notice what I call the waking dream. The waking dream is the world of symbols you encounter with both eyes open. Dreaming is a vehicle of perception, and this occurs when the mind is at rest. We don't have to be asleep to rest our mind. When the mind is at rest, the observer wakes up and can see what is normally unavailable to the naked eye.

Waking dreams and synchronicities are born of the same material. Synchronicities are a labor of love from a peaceful mind, a mind that's still. When we can float rather than push, persist rather than resist, we can then witness the interconnections and interrelationships between the events of the day.

Ginger on the rock

In the fall of 1990, my husband and I moved to Boulder, Colorado. After living in Boulder for a year, dealing with the struggles of work and housing, we began to ask ourselves if we should stay in the area. My husband was homesick for the deep green forests and blackberry bushes of Eugene, so the life question was posed: Do we stay in Colorado or move back to Oregon?

Ivan has always had a sensitive stomach. During those early years in Boulder, his stomach would bother him continually. Ginger tea was a life saving grace, an expert in soothing his upset stomach. Ginger was a symbol of digestive support for Ivan, something he needed regularly. (Although he no longer has chronic digestion problems, we still keep ginger tea as a digestive aid in our cupboard today.)

During this period, I noticed something extremely odd one morning while we were driving out of our apartment building’s parking lot: a large, gnarled ginger root sitting on a rock. I looked twice. I said to Ivan, "Stop the car. There's a big hunk of ginger root just sitting on the top of that boulder. I have to get out and see if it's real." I got out of the car, and I picked up the ginger root and showed it to him.

The ginger root wasn't attached to the rock in any way, it wasn't growing out of the rock, it was sitting on the top of this large boulder – as if someone had carefully and deliberately placed it there. But that seemed absurd. Why would someone put a piece of ginger root on a boulder next to a parking lot? Could it have fallen out of someone’s grocery bag? If so, how would it have landed so perfectly on the boulder unnoticed?

Dreams and signs in daily life speak in metaphors and even puns. I said to Ivan, "This ginger on the rock is a beneficial sign. Ginger heals your stomach, and it is sitting on a boulder, which is the name of the place we are living: Boulder. There will be good opportunities here, healing opportunities."

Ivan and I decided to remain in the Boulder area after all, and we stayed for over a decade. We eventually found excellent job opportunities here, and we began to develop better work skills. We developed further self-confidence. Our relationship grew; we learned through trial and error how to co-habitate and cooperate with each other more fully.

Dreams present us with the outrageous, the unbelievable, as do signs. A bunch of ginger sitting on a rock is an unusual occurrence. The ginger on the rock seems out of place, but it's in the right place -- to convey a message. With signs as with dreams, things do drop out of the sky, so always look up.

Atmospheric changes

There is an atmospheric shift when a sign appears similar to a dream. The atmosphere is surreal, and you may feel as though you slipped into another dimension for a moment. Your senses peak: light glows, colors deepen, sounds crackle, and your body tingles. A normal activity like a walk transforms into a journey of discovery.

When we first moved to Boulder, on walks we would see a fox standing in the low hills behind our apartment complex. The fox would arrive in the late afternoon as the light was shifting to a soft orange hue. The fox stood statuesquely staring at us. It was a meeting between us and something wild, something secret, something that normally remained unseen in our world. A meeting like that is truly magical. Signs are the same: impromptu, profound meetings that give you a glimpse into the unseen parts of your own world.

Intuition Development Programs

Intuition Coaching and Intuition Training Program -- One-to-one guidance in cultivating your intuitive skills. Self-directed and structured programs available. Exercises and spiritual practices will be suggested. Valuable for beginners and advanced students alike. Programs for healing and service professionals, as well as for the general public.

Recipes for Life -- Recipe for a good relationship

Dry ingredients

1 -1/2 cups respect
2/3 cup patience
1 Tbsp. kindness

Wet ingredients

1/4 cup playfulness
1 tsp. sense of humor
3/4 cup emotional honesty
1 pkg. listening skills
1 Tbsp. introspection
1/3 cup affection
a dash of sweetness


sprinkle with creativity

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place all wet ingredients in a bowl and process until smooth. Add dry mixture, and stir evenly. Bake 30 minutes or until -- the center -- is fully cooked. Let cool for 10 minutes. Then, add a touch of grace.


Thought for the day

"When you love, do you love your own reflection -- only loving to be loved -- or can you look beyond your own image into the eyes of your neighbor?" -- Michele Anderson


Question to Ponder

We need questions as much as answers. Questions prompt us to sit in awareness. Sometimes the rush to an answer shuts the awareness down, when the awareness should always seek to be open.

Here's a question to ponder in the space of your quiet moments:

Where does a dead-end lead you?

(Hint: The temptation is to freeze as though you are standing in front of an insurmountable wall. Consider allowing the dead-end to turn you around and send you off on an adventurous detour.)

What tool can be used when you encounter a dead-end?

(Hint: Consider the power of improvisation. Improvisation is creating from scratch with no rehearsals and pre-planning. Dead-ends catch us in our underwear, we feel exposed, sometimes even humiliated, but there is comedy in the drama. Take a new step even though you think you don't know how: clumsiness can transform into creativity. Spontaneity, flexibility, and playfulness will help you turn a dead-end into a fresh start.)

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