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Hi -

Welcome to the New Vision Intuition Newsletter. This newsletter is an offering to you of wisdom stories, intuition keys, education on signs and symbols, and other resources to further your spiritual growth. May this awaken your intuition, inspire you, and spark awareness. May your connections with other people, your loved ones, strangers, and animal friends deepen and flourish.

Happy Holidays!
Michele Anderson

Signs and Symbols

Let me take you on an exploration of the world as metaphor. Signs show up clothed in metaphor. To recognize a sign requires a shift in thinking from seeing our environment as solid and empty of context to seeing it as a wise teacher. This world is specially designed to support our spiritual unfolding and evolution. Understood this way, every tangible thing -- from our shoes and cars to our home plumbing -- begins to reflect a spiritual quality and deeper meaning.

All the props of the world are not inanimate objects; they exist to spur us into action spiritually. Shoes allow forward movement and characterize our work focus. Cars reflect the condition of our health and our life direction. And household plumbing has something to say about our digestion and elimination processes, especially our ability to let go. The next time your plumbing breaks down, observe what or who in your life you are releasing.

For every physical activity, there is a corresponding spiritual process at work in your life. Even the mundane things of life exist to unite us with our Divine nature.

This Divine Universe uses shape and form to demonstrate upcoming life changes. A walking picture book emerges of life stories that we can follow for guidance, instruction and inspiration. Signs are life's illustrations, giving live feedback with every step we take. Here are a few examples:

1. A new baby being born suggests birth in other areas for a family as well: possibly career growth, a move, a life revelation.

2. Accidents always tell an interesting tale. A fender-bender can indicate a financial conflict or entanglement. A head-on collision, a major conflict with another person that needs some resolution. A car that's totaled could indicate a pattern of self-destruction, and a desperate need to break with unsatisfactory relationships and situations. A speeding ticket can be a warning to slow down and pay attention.

3. Driving is a metaphor for managing one's life direction. When a driver drives drunk, there will be other indications in their life of recklessness and carelessness, like a high incidence of broken relationships.

4. Divorce is a separation of two people and their belongings. As a sign, divorce is a life overhaul, a psychological and spiritual death that involves a complete inner reorganization of the self, making room, eventually, for a new life.

5. When you take care of your teeth, you are cleaning the vehicle of your communication. Dental care is not only body care, but watching what you say and how you say it. The condition of one's teeth can hint at one's level of communication skills. For example, chipped, jagged teeth could suggest an argumentative nature.

6. Power outages represent a momentary loss of power, a brief period of vulnerability for a home, a city, or a region where life isn't going as planned. Like the emergency warning in every city that announces "this is only a test," power outages test our ability to go with the flow, and encourage humility.

7. Our work is the gift we give to the world. To reside on this earth is a great honor, and our work is the contribution we make in return for the privilege of being here. If we see work as merely a job, weÕll miss our calling, and we will certainly miss the gifts we can share.

8. Did your television get hit by lighting? Your television represents how you view reality. A television struck by lightning would indicate a radical and unexpected change of viewpoint.

9. Surgery is a medical procedure but, more intimately, it is an emotional cleansing and awakening, a spiritual healing taking place. Surgery creates space where there was no room, removing or adjusting things in ways the body couldnÕt accomplish through gentler means. It is a precise but forceful way of getting us ŌunstuckĶ in life. Surgery on the face could suggest changes in self-image. Heart surgery: an examination of how we express our feelings and vulnerability to loved ones. Knee surgery: expect changes in direction and in the ability to be flexible.


Thought for the Day

"The next time you're thinking about all your possessions, recognize they aren't yours; they are borrowed school supplies while attending this Earth school. We start with pencils, erasers and lunch boxes, and then the school supplies get bigger: cars, homes, land. At the end of the school term, we have to turn everything in so the next round of students can begin."
-- Michele Anderson


Intuition Keys -- Resolving After-Arguments

I can worry endlessly. My mind sometimes grinds away, like stone against stone in an empty mill. ItÕs a bad habit of mine. This has led me to pursue various forms of meditation and prayer to begin to train my mind, and make it a useful and generous partner in my life.

One area of improvement in my life is that I can now (most of the time) bring mental aggravation to a full stop in after-arguments. An after-argument is the period just after an argument when we replay the angry words over and over again in our minds. I used to spend hours, days, longer even, saying to myself, "What if I had said this? I wish I had said that." These after-arguments become a strategy game that ends in futility. The string of argument grows longer and longer, more twisted, and inflamed.

An after-argument usually plays much longer in one's head than the actual argument. Grudges -- the worst sort of resentment -- play on for years, and in conflicts between nations for centuries upon centuries.

Thought is an expenditure of energy; mental arguments are no different from verbal ones. To hold a thought in the mind and repeat it creates a holding pattern, a negative mantra perpetuating conflict and chaos. I realized that replaying any heated discussion in my head was no different than staying engaged in it with that person for days on end.

To really end an argument, we have to pull out of it mentally as well in order to shift the energy. To transform a difficult exchange, we can't stay in the mental plane mulling over the conversation for days or years. Once I've left the mental battlefield, I place the situation in prayer, spritzing it with fresh energy. I ask the best of myself and the other person to come forward. Then, everyone is free and, surprisingly at first, creative solutions appear.

Conflicts are natural to any human relationship. Allowing the conflict to go on for long periods without resolution is not. If we are replaying the fight over in our heads, then we haven't left the mental battlefield. Once we try to outwit our perceived opponent, we've only fooled ourselves, and we're right back on the battlefield.

The mind is a powerful creative force built not for fighting, but for union. Peace is only found in a peaceful abode.


Intuition Exercise -- Melting Icebergs

A human being in essence is a water being: fluid, flexible, liquid motion, streaming effortlessness.

But we get afraid, freeze up, and rigidity sets in. Frozen life patterns can solidify into blocks of ice. Icebergs form in our vast sea hindering movement and flow. The antidote for freezing up is to open ourselves to those warm rays that melt and warm our interiors.

To break the ice, experiment with the following:

1. Crack the cosmic egg.
Make it a lifelong cause to examine the mysteries of life, including the mysteries of you. It's sad how common self ridicule rules our lives. Self-respect comes from wisdom, which is a glass of warm milk for the aching soul.

2. Let the sunshine in.
As a life ritual, take in some regular sunshine to melt away fear. Take a close look at the sun, and you'll see it's always smiling. To take in sunshine is to drink in a warm smile, a sweet remedy for healing the sourness of remorse.

3. Belly Laugh.
Notice that when you laugh the belly gets warm, the skin flushes, we warm up. We instantly forget every unkind thing weÕve said or thought about ourselves. Laughter dissolves any disapproving notion held on the inside. Disapproval is a huge iceberg, and laughter breaks it up using sound as medicine.

4. Dance!
Move your body! Icebergs are a solid mass, and they love couch potatoes. Movement raises the body temperature and icebergs can't live in warm environments. Walk, jump, shake, rattle, and roll. Find ways to move that bring you pure joy and ecstasy.

5. Touch.
If you have difficulty moving for any reason, let other people help you move. Bodyworkers of all types (massages therapists, physical therapists, etc.) are expert iceberg breakers and they know the terrain. Loving touch melts away trouble spots, and we rediscover the smooth finish to our sculptured form.

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