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Welcome to the New Vision Intuition Newsletter. This newsletter is an offering to you of wisdom stories, intuition keys, education on signs and symbols, and other resources to further your spiritual growth. May this awaken your intuition, inspire you, and spark awareness. May your connections with other people, your loved ones, strangers, and animal friends deepen and flourish.

Michele Anderson

10 Things To Do Around The Full Moon

As I write this, the moon is full overhead, instigating a little wildness, a little creativity, and a whole new way of looking at the world...

1. Eat a pint of ice cream right from a container. You don't even have to share.
2. Run through the car wash.
3. Howl from the rooftop -- or the Grand Canyon.
4. Share a shower with your partner.
5. A long drive, a long highway. Turn the radio up.
6. Send a dozen red roses -- to yourself.
7. Reread the novel you wrote ten years ago. Start writing again with the New Moon.
8. A favorite restaurant, an old friend, a long night of conversation.
9. Run, skip, jump through a park.
10. Soak in the nearest hot springs.


Signs and Symbols
Insect Revival -- the wisdom of bugs

We have numerous oracles available to us to illuminate our pathway, such as the I Ching, the Tarot, Animal Medicine Cards, Runes, just to name a few. There is another oracle that's free and always accessible: life itself. The only requirement is that you must be willing to pay attention. Life gives you a preview as long as you sit and watch the play.

There are a group of creatures that deserve mention here even though they don't wear the prettiest clothes and they're oddly shaped. We are quick to discard them when they appear. They are the punk rockers of the animal kingdom, original in design, and a highly colorful, creative, often outcast group. I'm talking about insects. Don't be so quick to throw them out of your life. They too have stories to tell. At least listen to their message before you send them out the door.

Wherever insects linger is central to their message. If they show up in your kitchen, how you take care of yourself is up for question. If they've made it into your bed, you might want to take a look at your sexual relationships. If you have one crawl across your desk, see how your interactions go with your office associates over the next few days.

Insects are not overly emotional types, they are matter of fact. They will lay it on the line, and say it like it is. Not all insects are pests; in fact, they will help to effectively remove the real pests in your life if you learn to work with them. They will let you know when a pest has arrived on your turf in the form of an aggressive person, an illness, environmental hazards. Insects are very ecologically-minded. If something is out of whack, they know it, and they work to reorganize a chaotic pattern into one of balance and refinement. They are the ecological engineers of this earth, and they serve a protective role.

Ants -- Nature's antiseptic team

We lived in a house on Maui that was regularly invaded by ants. But those ants weren't forming the typical long trails. Oddly, they were gathering in large mounds on the floor near the living room windows, and then dying there. They were creating their own mini burial grounds. Their unusual behavior was telling me that there was something irregular about this property. In trying to figure out what was being communicated, I started to research dowsing. According to dowsers, ants in large numbers, will congregate near negative ley lines.

The earth has magnetic channels of energy running through it, much like meridians in acupuncture. Many are water channels or underground streams. When the channels are clear and healthy, these ley lines are supportive and energetically uplifting. But when homes or other buildings are situated over congested or noxious ley lines, they become disturbed, even toxic, potentially causing health problems and nervous disorders. Dowsers refer to this as geopathic stress.

The ants in our house pointed to several other problems. I saw a ghost on our back porch, a short man with dark hair, an unhappy and demanding presence. Within a month of moving into this house, our car was stolen right from our driveway one stormy afternoon.

I naturally wanted to find out more about the history of this house, but I couldn't find anyone to tell me the details. A real estate agent I knew who was familiar with the place gasped when I told her about the ghost. She admitted to me that she had always felt the house was haunted. My husband and I were finally introduced to someone who knew the house's history. One of the past long-time residents was a mechanic who had a history of drug and alcohol problems: our ghost.

We decided that the best course of action was to move. We lived in that house for three short months.

Ants are also experts at detecting bacterial infections. When they march into your environment, check for an infection that's out of control.

Last spring, in a completely different house, ants invaded our living room, marching in a straight line to the center of our house. The ants persisted for several days. I got a serious bout of bronchitis at this time, and I couldn't seem to get it out of my system. The ants attempted to make several forays into our home while the illness persisted.

Spiders -- Detectives of plans and schemes

I've had some interesting encounters with various spiders, including the "cat-face or monkey-face spider.Ó They are large spiders, several inches in diameter, with a distinguishable face, and claws for feet. They show up late summer and they will build their webs under the eaves of your home.

When we were living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in the late 90s, one August a few of these spiders started encircling the house. Their webs grew in size, more intricate, complex and beautiful, masterpieces in the sun. Yet, these webs were eerie, haunting in a way I couldn't put my finger on.

At that time we were trying to contact our landlord about extending our stay in the house. Our lease was due to run out in a few months, and we needed to know if we could stay; otherwise we'd have to start preparing for a move. The landlord lived on the east coast and was very busy running multiple businesses. We called him, emailed him, but we could never get a hold of him. Even the property management company that he hired to manage the house couldn't reach him.

Finally, he reached us at the very end of our lease period and informed us that he was raising the rent by several hundred dollars. We had no time to prepare for a move and no money set aside for a move. We were stuck, pressured to accept what he offered because we had no other place to live.

The spiders were warning us that a complex situation was brewing (a web), a trap to keep us there at a higher rent without any other place to go. The landlord avoided communication in order to bide his time until we had no other choice. He was encircling the place with his own hidden agenda, trapping us, in order to collect more rent. Our landlord was being a pest, and the spiders were gathering to make us aware of the situation.

Bees - Catching the buzz

Bees buzz in a restless swirl of activity. When a bee just sits down for a while, know that you are in for a talk. The bee has a purpose in mind, a message to share. Bees understand 'buzz,' gossipy, noisy, communication that's coarse and irritated. They will notify you when someone is upset with you, and wants to sting you with their words.

A single bee can suggest one person is thinking of you. A group of bees means the situation may involve several people.

I was sitting at a restaurant with a friend having lunch. A bee just sat down on the window next to our table and rested there throughout the entire length of our meal. My friend whispered to me that there was a guy sitting at a nearby table who had asked her out on a date. She told me she had turned him down, and since then he had been acting upset around her. A bee can suggest an attraction where there's a sting involved, someone getting angry or hurt.


Thought for the day

"Your dreams are not a Rolodex file of your latest neuroses. They are deeper. Your dreams are a tribute to the soul's majesty, a sacred visual text on how to live life magically and wondrously."
--Michele Anderson

Intuition Development Programs

Intuition Coaching and Intuition Training Program -- One-to-one guidance in cultivating your intuitive skills. Self-directed and structured programs available. Exercises and spiritual practices will be suggested. Valuable for beginners and advanced students alike. Programs for healing and service professionals, as well as for the general public.

Intuition Keys
Retraining the sixth sense through nature

The intuition is adept at understanding the cycles of nature, and has its own built-in Farmer's Almanac. Nature and its inhabitants depend on intuition for their survival. In any natural disaster, animals will tend to flee to safety. They can feel the earth move beneath their feet and hear the wind howling into an impending storm. They have their hands on the womb of the Great Mother at all times, listening to her heartbeat, and they notice when she's agitated.

Why don't we have the same "sixth sense" as animals? We do! The problem is that we are used to thinking with our heads instead of our whole being. As we grow up, we are desensitized to our own natural intuitive feedback. The affects of overly structured schooling, media overload, etc. clog our ability to track intuitive information.

Anytime we fill our heads without touching our hearts, there is a disconnect, a void in the awareness. Using the sixth sense, asks us to be sensitive to others, to feel, to connect. If we are emotionally disconnected, our sixth sense is down momentarily.

I have a vivid memory from high school of one of my favorite social science classes. We enacted a trial attempting to solve the problem of how to desegregate the school bus system in Stockton, California, an area that faced these real issues. Instead of reading about it in a sociology book, we had to walk through the process step-by-step, in order to experience the problem more fully and suggest positive solutions. We had to ask real questions: How does it feel to be separated from one's classmates by color? How do we instill a sense of belonging for everyone using the bus system as a connecting point? The more I became really engaged in this project, it became an intuitive exercise, requiring empathy, heart, and a subtle use of the awareness.

Mere thinking is 'distance learning,' allowing us to remain totally detached from our subject if we want. Using the intuition requires empathy, we have to touch, taste, feel the pain, joy, and fear of another, and step into their life experience as if it was our own.

Nature is the intuition's best trail guide. Let's call on nature's gifts as a way to reconnect with our sixth sense:

1. Land on all four paws. Become a four-legged for a moment by touching the ground with all fours. When you touch your front paws to the ground, you feel nature communicating. The belly of a four-legged faces the ground; the stomach is parallel to the earth. To face the ground is to be one with the earth, much like two people facing each other. The front paws extend out from the heart center and that's the purest communication network there is. Reaching out with your front paws means you are always heart-to-heart with what's happening.

2. Wag your tail. Imagine a tail growing out of your 'tail bone.' A tail is a fifth limb and, like an extra hand, it has the distinct ability to feel its environment. A tail balances the weight of the head, so the head doesn't take over. Your tail allows you a 360 degree view of your surroundings. We are forward focused in this culture always moving ahead ambitiously. What if we were more conscious of our back side, what was going on behind the scenes? What if we were more conscious of where we come from than where weĠre going? What if we could trace our steps in order to prevent history from repeating itself?

3. Consult a tree. Trees reach for the sky while being anchored in the earth. They are a splendid model for spiritual integration. We have the challenge of balancing our physical needs with our spiritual aspirations daily, and trees manage to do this beautifully. Trees are the guardians of the earth, the wisdom keepers: nature's tribal council. If you want to know what's really happening, throw down your newspaper and ask a tree "what's up?"

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