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Welcome to the New Vision Intuition Newsletter. This newsletter is an offering to you of wisdom stories, intuition keys, education on signs and symbols, and other resources to further your spiritual growth. May this awaken your intuition, inspire you, and spark awareness. May your connections with other people, your loved ones, strangers, and animal friends deepen and flourish.

Happy Valentine's Day!

--Michele Anderson

Signs and Symbols -- the Body Double

We've all had moments of deja vu. Deja vu is that intriguing feeling that “I've been here before, this has happened to me before, I already know this person I've just met.” Sometimes deja vu is linked to a past life memory. I often feel deja vu when I visit France. The language, the culture, even the scents of France seem familiar to me, a home away from home. There's a luminescence in France, a special light, an aura that I stepped into in times past.

Encountering someone's body double - seeing a person (or even an animal or object) that strongly reminds you of someone you know - is often similar to deja vu. Pay attention to these body double experiences. A body double can give you information about the person they represent to you. They give you a pre-introduction before an actual meeting, a meter reading of the person's emotional state or the energy of their life situation. Their double shows up to tell you a story.

There is often a timing synchronicity associated with body doubles. At the time you see a body double, whomever they represent will often be going through a significant life experience (relationship challenge, the onset of an illness, a victory or celebration) at that very moment, even if they're in some other part of the country or world.

The body double may not have the same name as the person you know, but they often have a similar personality and temperament. The similarity can in fact be uncanny. Physically, the body type is similar, the height, facial features, and mannerisms will stand out to you as belonging to your friend.

My Cousin and Her Daughter

My mother and I went out for a holiday breakfast at a local restaurant this past December. A young woman and her daughter sat down at a table not far from us. The girl turned around and said “hi,” and started playing games of making eye contact with us while she ate her pancake breakfast.

The girl in the restaurant was playful and outgoing, while the mother seemed to be in her own thoughts that moment. The girl's mother had short, light-brown hair and the girl had shoulder-length blond hair.

This occurred near Christmas, right after I'd sent a card and small gift to my cousin and her daughter. I hadn't seen my cousin in many years, and I have never met her daughter, though I had been thinking of possibly visiting them.

Pointing to the girl and her mother in the restaurant, I whispered to my mother, “That's my cousin and her daughter sitting near us. Her daughter's got to be about the same age.”

Several weeks later my aunt (my cousin's mother) sent me some recent pictures of my cousin and her daughter. My cousin had short, light-brown hair, and her daughter had slightly longer blonde-hair. I was stunned at the resemblance between the mother and daughter we saw at the restaurant and the photograph!

This body double experience prepared me for the eventual meeting of my cousin and her daughter. Watching those body doubles, I learned that my cousin's daughter is bubbly and outgoing and that she and I will get along immediately and playfully. I also gathered that my cousin is more reserved, and I need to take more time and have patience in reconnecting with her again.

Friend from Maui

I have a friend on Maui who has a body double in Colorado, where I currently live. Her body double works at a cafe in a health food store downtown. They share these characteristics: gentleness, sensitivity, and kindness, as well as soft, round facial features. They are about the same height and have the same length of hair. I know that when the woman in the cafe says something, that it's reflecting the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of my Maui friend.

Colorado winters are often cold, as you can imagine, and one morning the woman in the cafe said that her hands felt so cold that she thought they were frost-bitten. I knew then that my Maui friend was feeling sad and that she had gone through a difficulty related to her work (her hands). I found out that very day that she had been laid off from her job.

Months later, I noticed this same body double having a business lunch meeting at a table in the cafe she works in. Something about a part-time position opening up. Later, I discover that my Maui friend had accepted a part-time position, and that she herself attended a similar lunch meeting at the end of December. I noticed her double in the cafe during lunch at 12:30 pm, which when read as a date is December 30th.

These body double events helped me empathize with my dear friend who was going through the uncertainty of job changes.


License Plates: Life's Road Signs

When we're out driving, it is, of course, important to pay attention to road signs. But even license plates can be road signs, life's road signs. The letters reveal a message, and the numbers can indicate timing. Take a close look at a few that I've recorded in my journals.

License plate JAB1229:
Got a flat tire (“JAB”) on our Subaru Outback on 12/31 (near “1229”).

License plate 029CRY:
A close friend's beloved cat died (“CRY”) the second month (“02”) we were in Boulder on the 9th (“9”) of July.

License plate DAKINI:
Within a week of seeing this plate, my husband and I met a new friend. She is a poet, a healer, a yoga teacher, and a deep Buddhist practitioner. A Dakini is a representation of a female spirit, energy or helper on the path of enlightenment in Buddhist traditions.

License plate MMA222 and MMA801 on the same day:
MMA are my initials (Michele Maureen Anderson). Saw these on May 23rd. My husband and I were trying to sell our car, and I was particularly nervous that we wouldn't sell it before our scheduled move from Hawaii to Colorado. I added the numbers up and knew the car would sell within 6 (2+2+2) to 9 (8+0+1) days. The car sold on May 31st (8 days later) - and right before our move.

License plate SADDLEUP:
I saw this license plate several times on Maui. Every time I saw it a very busy work week followed.


Movie Recommendation -- Garden State

Most of the time, we don't dive into our relationships, we wade in cautiously. Or we dive in with a set of controls: I'll go into this relationship if she doesn't smoke anymore or if he always calls me when he says he will. But, how often, do we dive in and just let go, allowing whatever is going to happen to just be?

The movie, Garden State, is an emotionally sensitive film, introducing some new possibilities for relationships. Films are not only entertainment, they are a universal dream experience. The cultural psyche is mirrored in films. Our thoughts, fears, obsessions, joys come to life in film. Rarely, do we see a film that covers new emotional ground attempting to wake us up out of a slumber.

Zach Braff, age 28, wrote, directed, and is the lead actor in this film. You may know him from the TV series Scrubs. He has said that, once he heard that he was hired for Scrubs, he quit his day job as a waiter. It was only later that he found out filming for the series wouldn't begin for a few months. He used the free time to write his first screenplay - Garden State.

In Garden State, Braff plays Andrew Largeman, an actor from LA returning home to New Jersey for his mother's funeral. He hasn't been home for ten years and his bitter relationship with his father makes the trip daunting. At his father's insistence, Andrew has been medicated since the age of ten due to a family tragedy.

He plunges into the weird world of his hometown in a drugged, half-asleep state. Braff is effective at showing the emotional grogginess and detachment of the medicated mind. Even going to the gas station is a goofy occasion, especially when he forgets to put the gas hose back in its place and drives off with it still hooked to his car.

Andrew begins to fall in love with a woman named Sam (Natalie Portman) who he first runs into at a neurology doctor's office. Her spontaneity, talkativeness, and passion for life start to loosen him up. He starts letting go of old skin, an old identity and begins to trust in his feelings again, trusting in them enough to express them to those dear to him.

Andrew experiments with dropping the medication and he regains mental clarity and a determination to communicate. He begins to emerge from the daze he's lived in.

He shows courage and honesty when confronting his father Gideon (Sir Ian Holm) about the shame around a family tragedy that is only holding everyone back, and asks for forgiveness not for himself, but for his father who has held blame in his heart for too long.

Andrew, Sam, and Andrew's childhood friend (Peter Sarsgaard) visit a couple who live in a boat near a large abyss, during a rain storm. They have a 'freedom moment' where they scream into the abyss -- the void. The abyss is a powerful metaphor in this movie for the unknown, the creative, the place of fear, but also the place where we ultimately come to know ourselves.

Braff doesn't hesitate to touch on some raw emotions in this film. He nudges us to "let go" in our relationships, and not to emotionally script them, or edit emotions and feelings. And when we break down those exterior walls, we can be reached and reach others in ways we thought were impossible. The song "Let Go" by Frou Frou that plays at the end of this film says it so well:

"so let go jump in oh well whatcha waiting for
its alright cause there's beauty in the breakdown
so let go just get in oh it's so amazing here
it's alright cause there's beauty in the breakdown
it gains the more it gives & it rises with the fall"

("Let Go" is from the album Breathe In Details by Frou Frou, lyrics by Imogen Heap & Guy Sigsworth.)

*The movie, Garden State, was released on DVD December 28, 2004.


My husband and I recently signed up for a membership with The Spiritual Cinema Circle. The membership includes a DVD each month highlighting several short films and feature films with spiritual themes. We've enjoyed them, found them to be moving and thought-provoking, and wanted to let you know about this resource for spiritually focused films. Definitely, check it out!

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