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Hi --

Welcome to the New Vision Intuition Newsletter. This newsletter is an offering to you of wisdom stories, intuition keys, and education on the language of intuition. May this awaken your intuition, inspire you, and spark awareness. May your connections with other people, your loved ones, strangers, and animal friends deepen and flourish.

--Michele Anderson

The Language of Intuition

The intuition is a language, with a vocabulary and grammar of its own. Intuition is the most fundamental life language, and it has a guiding principle: to keep our souls and the Divine in touch.

Here's a mini-glossary of terms to help give you a starting point, a brief orientation in the language of the intuition.


A language encoded with imagery that serves to guide and direct the soul. The language of the intuition has an uncanny sense of timing, the playfulness of a jester juggling pun and metaphor, and the signature of a poem.

Life dramas or plays that give us a show, a preview of what is to come. Signs act much like road signs, telling us: go here, watch out, believe... Signs are allegorical, stories playing out in your life that hold meaning.

The imagery that pops up in signs and dreams that permeate the psyche, awaken the senses, and bring about transformation. Symbols are the vocabulary, the nuts and bolts of the language of the intuition. They are divine hieroglyphics. Intuition's grammar is how these images thread together into a coherent, meaningful message, which is revealed through gazing, observing, partaking of the imagery.

Imagery that streams through our consciousness, during the day as well as at night, invoking synchronicity and flow.


Intuition Keys
The Wisdom of Cycles -- Seasons of Growth -- Cycles of death

I know it's almost spring, a time for new life, but I felt compelled to address the significant meaning of death and loss in our lives. I hope you'll forgive my breech of etiquette ;-)

When you engage in the study of how the intuition works, patterns emerge, and cycles of life show themselves not just as biological shifts, but as seasons of growth. Autumn sheds its leaves, and we shed our skins, including dusty old mental habits. Winter guides us inward, and we become introspective. Spring sprouts, and we engage in new beginnings. Summer arrives, and we recreate in radiant activity, and sun ourselves.

In Numerology, the study of the spiritual meaning of numbers, there's the peak of your personal year, which is six months after your birthday, an important culmination point of your personal year's energies. Your birthday is similar to a New Moon, a seed of potential that is harvested at the Full Moon, six months later. Check out Dusty Bunker's book "Numerology and Your Future" for a wonderful primer in numerology.

A birth culmination point builds up, brings a seed to blossom where a death culmination point asks us to let go, to face fears, to follow a new track no matter how uncomfortable. When we experience a death culmination point, we experience growing pains. Where we've gotten regimented in our souls, we are asked to stretch and expand.

We all grieve deeply when a loved one passes, yet within the passing, is a message, a gift for further growth for those who remain. Unfortunately, grief often overtakes us, our tears blur our eyes, and we forget that with a death, a message is always given. We may miss the message because we are consumed by feelings of grief. Yet, the message remains to be opened.

When someone passes in your life, you may notice some significant shifts in your life six months afterwards. Even when you hear of a death outside of your immediate family, there can be a significance. Why? Life events are essentially a mirror, a feedback loop right back to yourself.

A father dies
Within six months you may find yourself embarking on a new direction, a change of home, change of work, change of relationship. At least one area will undergo a major shift. Internal commitment increases to make external changes. You rewrite your life. This has the energy of a mid-life crisis, although it can occur at any age.

A mother dies
Your own maternal instinct towards yourself and others may shift. You find yourself taking more time for yourself, new ways of nurturing yourself may emerge. You may consider having children or want to be around children. What is hard or unyielding in your life may soften.

A partner dies
Shedding skin and reinhabiting your own skin for a while. Self- reorganization; a new identity in the making. Bridging gaps between who you are now and who you would like to be; reinventing the self. Tapping creativity and spontaneity. Archeological digs into family history.

A brother/sister dies
The family matrix is undergoing a change. This death represents an internal regrouping for the family. As an example, a family that tends toward workaholism may make recreation more of a priority. The family identity goes through radical changes. One of the sons in a family of lawyers may decide that being a lawyer is not his track, altering the family's destiny.

A friend dies
Are you a good friend to yourself by supporting and not giving up on yourself? Group dynamics in your life may shift. You crave a sense of belonging, of being recognized for who you are. All associations -- family, friends, work associates gain importance.

A child dies
You may identify areas where there is a marked lack of fulfillment. A child passing represents areas of life that we may have forgotten about, that need attention. Children represent innocence, non-judgment, openness, vulnerability, creativity, playfulness. Are these qualities being given time and energy in your life?

A pet dies
Pets are family members too. The life span of a pet in your family parallels a life cycle in your family. When pets die, someone else from among your family and relatives may also experience death. This may not necessarily be an actual death, but the end of a relationship or a divorce may occur a metaphoric death. Also, life activities may change when a pet dies, work priorities may shift.

In working with death, we learn a couple of important lessons. First, we discover that death can assume many guises. Physical death is only the most blunt and tangible expression of death. But other life experiences, such as loss, separation, unexpected change, can be deaths, as well. Learning to experience these different deaths with equanimity and inner meaning, prepares us for physical death -- hopefully far in the future. The second lesson is that death, in its proper time, in all its forms, is natural. Death is a part of the fullness of life.

We can view death as a teacher who brings a gift of self-knowledge -- when we learn to engage in life and drop our fear of death.

Death gives us a sacred rule: "Let me live until I die."


Thought for the day

"If you can't hear a stone sing, does that mean the stone isn't singing every day?"

--Michele Anderson


Intuition Prerequisite
Imagination and Vision

I've had people ask me if their daydreams are conveying a message. The answer is always -- yes. The intuition and the vehicle of imagination are deeply connected. To imagine is to envision. Imagination becomes vision when we recognize it as sacred and meaningful and we feel moved to take purposeful action.

1. Imagination imparts creative power.

Vision taps into the Divine agenda. It is the mental magic wand. When vision is aligned with Divine will, then you have miracles.

2. Imagination and vision hold the keys to the unseen world.

They help you see what is called the unseen (energies, spirits, other dimensions). There are many doorways of perception and the way to get through those doors is with imagination and vision.

3. Daydreams and nightdreams are not fantasy, but real world guidance coming your way.

Don't treat them as "unreal" and let them slip away. Pay attention. If you were given an image in a daydream or nightdream of your mission in life, would you want to just forget about it? Stay awake in your dream life enough to recall the messages they bring.

4. Imagination is the draft board for creating your life.

When an architect designs a building, he or she creates a detailed picture. The vision of the building is given life on paper first before it is actually built. Do the same in your life: write your ideas and inspirations on paper in detail. When we find a way to give our dreams "reality," some sense of tangibility, then we are beginning to envision our lives.

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