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Psychic Text Readings

Mobile Text (SMS) or Short Email Reading - $36

- Economical: By comparison, regular rates for email readings range from $98 - $148
- Fast: Delivered within 24 hours
- Gives you a flash of insight
- Great for brainstorming
- Keywords stimulate your own intuition
- Convenient for those on the go
- A nice introduction: Sample my work
- Playful and fun!


* Mobile Text (2 text messages sent to your mobile phone) -or-
* Short Email (approx 100 words)


Michele Anderson, psychic consultant, psychic educator, psychic, psychic reader, psychic advisor, intuitive, clairvoyant Michele Anderson
(800) 510-3700

- Twenty-two years reading experience
- Specializes in reading signs, symbols, and synchronicities
- Addresses health issues, natural health, and encourages health advocacy

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