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Why This Blog?

/ Photo by Dano /

I have a secret confession to make: In the past, I was shy about revealing that I’m a psychic. I’d say I’m a ‘consultant’ on rental applications, and at social gatherings. My family wasn’t even aware that I am a psychic and I’d been working in this field for more than twenty years!

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Blog Etiquette: How To Share Comments and Get That Community Band Sound

/ Photo by Janet Dancer /

Comments are meant to be a good conversation, and good conversation begins by setting the tone.

I’ve studied African drumming for several years now, and there’s a word we use when the group loses track, and that unified sound crumbles into a cacophony of disjointed beats: a “train wreck.”

Remember: This blog is an ensemble. Spamming, shouting, flaming and the like will lead to a train wreck, and throw us all off balance. We want to keep to a solid groove.

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