Reading the Story Within the Story

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When Feng Shui Master, Dr. Baolin Wu first steps into a house, he takes an energy reading. He observes a child’s behavior while playing in a room of the house:

“If he is happy and willing to stay longer, playing away contentedly, then you know this is a good spot. If he cries or says he is scared, or if he obviously doesn’t want to be there, then you don’t want to be there either. If he asks for a drink of water or wants to go to the bathroom, that is bad sign as well. The place is not good.”

– Dr. Baolin Wu, author of Lighting the Eye of the Dragon: Inner Secrets of Taoist Feng Shui

The intuition works by paying attention to the subtle connection between things. If a co-worker spills coffee on the table in the break room while she’s talking about her new boyfriend — that’s the story within the story — you know that some kind of emotional outburst will occur in that relationship.

I witness this all the time when I am doing psychic readings: What happens in the reading is part of the reading.

Lawnmower Buzz

I did a reading for a young woman seeking insight about her relationship. My neighbor decided to mow his lawn throughout the entire length of the reading. I was annoyed by the constant buzz of the lawn mower. Lawn mowers suggest aggravation and friction: communication that descends into arguments. How did her relationship go? Conflicts and an abrupt stop.

Something Stinks

A client told me that her boyfriend left some food in the refrigerator and the refrigerator door open for a few days! She then asked whether he’d invite her to a special party that she really wanted to attend with him. Her story about the spoiling food in the refrigerator let me know “something stinks,” and to her disappointment, he didn’t ask her to the party.

Playful Dog

A client asked me recently if she would get the job that she just interviewed for, “and how soon?” I could hear her dog running and playing in the house as she was talking with me. Like Dr. Wu’s child as barometer mentioned above, the dog gave us a solid clue about the outcome of her job situation. The playful movement of her dog suggested that not only would she get this job, she’d get a confirmation of the job offer soon. The interview, the job offer, and her start date all happened very quickly, within just a few weeks.

At your next meeting, listen to the story within the story, observe the energetic backdrop, and you’ll discern hidden meanings.

7 comments on “Reading the Story Within the Story

  1. Christine Santoro says:

    How fascinating this whole energetic backdrop stuff is. Might sound a bit far out but I think some children are really good at picking up the energetic backdrop of a person.

  2. Christine,
    Yes, children have that pure spirit and their responses to the environment are sensitive and honest. Their radar hasn’t been distorted by the conditioning that we as adults often have to sift through!

  3. Radha says:

    Hi, yes, I’m very fascinated by the story within a story too, BUT somehow I find it difficult to interpret the signs. It sounds so easy when one reads about it… maybe I simply dont want to know? Possible? I shall be on the lookout for the energy backdrop from now on, lets hope my interpretation skills improve !

  4. Radha,
    The challenge is in the interpretation! It’s much like learning a language — French, English, Spanish. You learn the nouns, the verbs, and the grammar and at first the language is in particles. The signs and symbols are the core of the language of the intuition. This Divine language blends together eventually, perfectly and fluidly — with study and practice. I’ll explain this further in future blog posts.

  5. Radha says:

    hi Michele,
    I mixed up two topics and wrote about the co incidence of an alcoholic would be student writing in and then checking this blog and finding you’ve addressed the same theme. Well, I wrote all this in “new beginnings’ – sorry. Its all so connected and its so difficult to explain to people – I keep referring to ‘people’ because I teach Yoga, because patience in students is at a premium, because the solution to anothers problem seems so clear and yet they find it so hard to see … I sympathize because so often I too find myself in the same spot as my students and then I have a good laugh.
    Now I’m looking at buying a piece of land. Its cheap and has a clear title – thats all it has going for it. How can I find out if its going to be good for us ? I’d appreciate some ideas; just now I’m wearing only my hard headed practical hat as the land has practically fallen into my lap, in a place where land is almost impossible to get.

  6. Radha,
    How can you know if the land will be a good spot? Happy, singing birds are a good sign. Finding a dead bird on the land is not. Healthy shrubs and trees suggest good energy. Animals that are friendly and in good health are a good sign. These are all examples from Feng Shui, the Chinese Art of Placement. Google “Feng Shui” to read more.
    Listen to how you feel when you are communing with the land. The fact that the land “practically fell into your lap” indicates positive flow and synchronicity.

  7. Solongo says:

    Hello, I just found your blog yesterday and I know I am replying to your oldest blog; but thank you for bringing such a positive awareness about intuition in my life particularly. I know I found your blog for a reason because recently I have been researching intuition and trying to develop my intuition.

    Funny thing also; I woke up this morning with an urge to cleanse my house of negative and old energies and I remembered a time when my little cousin came to my house and wanted to go to a bathroom often and asked for a lot of water to drink. All is connected and I love your blog. I am off to reading your older blogs until the present day blogs.

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