The Elephant in Your Rearview Mirror

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Your car tells you something about yourself.

It can reveal your state of health and emotions, and give you some signs of what to expect further up the road.

I created a list for you on car symbolism that you can apply to your daily life or to your dreams. You can apply this to your own car, other cars you see on the street, or cars driving around in your dreams. Do you have a blindspot or does your health require some tender loving care? Let these symbols guide you.

Are you a driver or passenger? Who is in control here?

  • Driver — assertive, director, taking charge.
  • Passenger – passive, letting others take charge.

In your dreams are you the driver or the passenger?

Accidents – represent conflicts with others or self.

  • Head-on collusion – a major confrontation, mental (head) confusion.
  • Run into a telephone pole – communications with others down.
  • Skidding on ice – slippery situations. Watch your step.
  • Rear-ended – financial conflicts with others. Our landlord hiked the rent two-hundred bucks and we were rear-ended around the same time.
  • Multiple dents – feeling beaten up or victimized, self-destructive tendencies.
  • DUIs – escaping life and responsibility for self. Rebellion that’s needed, but that’s turned against oneself. Who and what do you need to say no to?

Broken or missing mirrors or windows — vision impaired.

  • Broken left sideview mirror – not taking care of yourself. Overextension in relationships.
  • Broken right sideview mirror – busy and harried. Personal chaos. Overextension in work.
  • Missing rearview mirror – better watch your back.
  • Windshield broken — not seeing things clearly.

Flat tires or gas gauge low – reflects your energy levels.

  • Flat Tires – you must be flat-out tired (listen to the pun). Rest is needed.
    When I got married the first time, our minister arrived 30 minutes late to the ceremony because of a flat tire. What did that say about the marriage? Not so good.
  • Out of gas – are you running on empty? Are you overdue for that vacation?

Signals out – lack of direction and one’s internal compass malfunctioning.

  • Radio broken – communication down. Lots of static in relationships.
  • Headlights out – difficulty seeing ahead, faulty belief systems (the head).
  • Turn signals out – indecision and vascillation. Can’t seem to make up one’s mind. Impulsive. Unexpected detours.

Engine breakdowns – the condition of the central organs, especially your heart.

  • Oil – condition of the blood, relationships with “blood relatives.”
  • Oil leak – anemia. Possible infection. Low immunity.
  • Engine problems – heart and lungs. Grief. I had the engine light come on one winter, and upon inspection, I discovered all the radiator fluid had leaked out. Within a few weeks of this car emergency, I had a serious case of bronchitis and asthma that lasted for months.

Structural damage – internal operating system needs an overhaul.

  • Rust damage – cancerous conditions, arthritis, things eating away at you.
  • Water damage – emotions out of control, depression, mounting problems and stresses.
  • Car stolen – loss of identity, loss of self, and lack of protection (not being able to stand up for oneself). Starting over in some capacity.

Every car and car owner has a history. What has your car told you about yourself?

6 comments on “The Elephant in Your Rearview Mirror

  1. Radha says:

    My car is sweetheart. She is truly sentient, responsive and she will go that extra mile – but she is getting on in years we need a new car. We could never think of selling her… but we really need a new car. What does this say about us – its a family car. Being Indians who have chosen to live rural, we are not into multiple cars!

  2. Radha,
    A family car can be like a cherished pet, even with its own name. It’s not easy to say good-bye to a trusted friend — the family car — when it is time. That’s why a new car marks a significant new beginning and a new cycle for a family.

  3. SallyISTJ says:

    Michele, you often talk about seeing symbols. Do you mean that everything is a symbol for everyone all the time? I mean, if my car headlights go out, does it always mean “difficulties seeing ahead” (etc., from the article) for me or for the person whose car it is? I don’t want to start seeing things as symbols if they are not supposed to be a symbol for me at that time.

  4. Sally,
    Excellent questions! Symbols are a dialogue – a language with pictures – between Universal guidance and our spirit. Their meanings can vary, but their purpose is to awaken our attention. You know the dialogue has begun when something unusual happens. Pay attention to those things that stand out. You expect your headlights to work. When they go out, it’s like a Universal tap on the shoulder asking the question: Is there something you’re missing, something to look at more closely? The Divine gets our attention by presenting us with something unexpected, unplanned, and off the beaten track. I have a lot more to say on the subject, but maybe I should save it for a future blog post…

  5. Radha says:

    Yes, Sally, I wonder too sometimes whether I have begun to see signs and symbols everywhere – the fact is that there are signs and symbols everywhere – the problem begins methinks when we dont really want to know. Because with every new input comes a shift, a change and it can get quite intense especially since one cannot be talking about it to most people…

  6. Radha,
    To expand our spiritual awareness, we have to invite it in and say yes, welcoming and appreciating this unique opportunity. Yes, the mere invitation though could lead to an unexpected change or a shift, a transformation of the self. Symbols transform the psyche. The result: We are more free and lucid.

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