The Pregnant Pause

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Trying to decide which college to go to, the right job to take, or whether to move to the east coast?

Your intellect, your life sparring partner, attacks problems by digging and digging. Before you know it, your problem is buried and hiding in the sand. Instead of clarity, there is that dizzy visual blur and pounding headache, and you may have forgotten what the question is in the first place.

This is the perfect time for a pregnant pause. The pregnant pause is when your inner referee calls a time out. Within that moment is the promise of fertility, growth, opportunity, expansion, and solutions that are pleasing to your spirit.

Let it speak to you

When you do all the talking — in your head that is – then the intellect is in charge. You know your intuition is in the director’s chair when you hear a gentle, confident whisper instead.

When I’m preparing to do an email reading, I avoid diving in too soon. I wait a day or two to let a dream or a vision come to guide me. I don’t dictate the email reading, I transcribe the answer that has flowed through me.

The intellect will try to convince you to be economical when it comes to the emotional space you need in your life decisions. The intellect loves contrived solutions and confined spaces. It is a cubicle worker.

In order to receive inspiration, our heads can’t be capped; otherwise we box in the possibilities. Let yourself be an open funnel, so inspiration can pour in.

Let it simmer rather than boil

When you are too headstrong determined to figure something out, you are at a boil. To boil is to blindly, willfully, or angrily push forward.

There is a price to be paid when we let ourselves be bullied into a decision by ourselves or another person. We risk being a clone, a mere imitation, rather than our real selves. We lose our authenticity.

When you are at a simmer, you sit and wait, courting patience much like a hen sits on her egg. When you entertain the pregnant pause, you protect who you are, all of yourself, no part left out.

The gift of the pregnant pause is inner relaxation – that naturally leads to a solution. The spirit is designed for open spaces and breathing room. You know the solution is a good one when you rediscover your breath, and a sigh of relief.

3 comments on “The Pregnant Pause

  1. Christine Santoro says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m sure loving this blog. I wish I could have all of you over! I have searched high and low for a group like this in my local community and couldn’t find one. Then, poof, I found this. Michelle, you are providing such a gift to people. I can’t tell you how glad I am that you created this! Anyyways, I re-read this particular blog because it relates to something presently going on in my life. I wanted to ask anyone, “How do you prevent fear from effecting your clarity when making a decision?” I find that this pausing is such a fragile time and when a decision MUST BE MADE WITHIN DAYS how do you hear intuition vs. fear or the intellect. How does one stay in the “pause” to decide? Having to make decisions while in the “pause” is challenging. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Christine,
    We need spiritual community for our spirituality to unfold. I’m happy that this blog is beginning to serve that purpose!
    Your question is a good one, “How do you prevent fear from effecting your clarity when making a decision… when a decision must be made within days?” I hand my fears and questions over to the Divine through prayer. My mental analysis of a pending decision can quickly turn into a jigsaw puzzle if I don’t hand the problem over to a higher source. Then, I feel like I have some good company during “the pause.” I wait for a sign, a dream, a response from Divine guidance. I will also consult the I Ching or other divination sources for some spiritual feedback. When we consult with Divine sources, we are not alone in our decision making. All we have to do is ask for assistance.

  3. Radha says:

    hi Christine,
    My answer may not help you right away but maybe next time – meditation. Do you meditate? Nothing complicated – just straight spine, comfortable body and counting the breaths in sets of 1-10 for a set period of time – 10/15 minutes by the clock. somehow it brings tremendous clarity and every decision one makes comes out right and one knows from the inside that it is the right decision to make. Try it ?

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