Psychic Grooming: Thirty Ways to Shine on the Inside

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I’d be a hair stylist if I wasn’t already a psychic. I love hair, long hair, short hair, purple hair, curly, and straight hair. I counted six products in my bathroom that I use just for my hair!

We probably give more attention to grooming our hair and body than our spiritual hygiene. We need to clean our inner house too, otherwise we attract all kinds of debris. Our spiritual body is magnetic and we have to keep the magnet sparkling clean to clearly manifest our desires.

Psychic Shampoo
Wash, cleanse, purify. Clears environmental and energetic smog, including the negative energies from others.

1. Take regular baths using Epsom salts or natural sea salts.
This removes toxins. I take one or two baths daily and this cleans the energy system as well as softens the skin and soothes muscles. And it feels so gooood!

2. Swim in the ocean.
The ocean is nature’s washer and dryer for the spirit. Wash in the natural mineral salts of the sea, and dry in the fresh air.

3. Sunbathe.
Even a little sun on the face helps. The sun strengthens your energy field, so negative energy can’t permeate.

4. Breathe fresh air.
Step outside for fresh air, or let it in by opening some windows. Your body has its own air circulation system. Don’t let it get stale.

5. Smudge yourself and your environment with sage or other purifying herbs.
Read more.

For those of you who are allergic to the smoke or if you don’t want the smoke to spread into a shared space, try the Space Clearing Mist by Australian Bush Flower Essences, or Alaskan Essence’s Sacred Space Sprays: Calling All Angels, Guardian, or Purification.

6. Take up drumming.
Drumming transforms the cellular energy of a person or a place. Drums made with natural animal skin and woods are best. Traditional handmade rattles also clear energy.

7. Clap your hands.
This dispels negative energies and spirits. Wash your hands or fling your fingers when you are done clapping to remove any excess psychic residue.

8. Shake it.
Bend your knees and let your arms relax, and shake. This is like shaking a rug out, but you are shaking loose debris from your energy field.

9. Drink pure water, eat fresh food.
When we overcook our food, we lose natural enzymes and nutrients, and this dulls the mind.

10. Chant.
Repeating simple prayers or spiritual mantras unclogs the mind and shifts one’s vibration. Chanting gives the voice sweetness and purity.

Psychic Conditioner
Strengthens and protects body, mind, and spirit. Acts as a sealant against outside influences.

11. Meditate.
Tame your mind, and you’ll have reservoirs of awareness and inner peace. This inner well runs deep. Keep replenishing it.

12. Breathe deeply.
Oxygenates your entire body. Calms the body and nervous system. As you inhale and exhale, say the words, “I enjoy breathing in, I enjoy breathing out.” These are the words of the beloved peace activist and Vietnamese monk, Thich Nhat Hanh. Read any of his books and receive a gentle introduction to breathing and meditation.

12. Walk.
When we walk, we discover balance and equilibrium. It’s a gentle exercise where we see by foot, noting singing birds, rolling landscapes, and whispering winds.

13. Receive a hot stone massage.
Hot stone massage balances the temporal lobes, grounds the mind and body, and lifts the spirit. It’s your own personal sweat lodge.

14. Comb out the aura.
Do you remember Cousin Itt from the Addams Family TV series? He had hair from head to toe. Comb through your long, psychic mane and you’ll feel more balanced and clear-headed.

15. Commune with nature.
Nature has natural rhythms that we all can learn from. Nature teaches serenity, balance, beauty, silence, reciprocity, natural timing, and the purpose of cycles. Don’t miss her class.

16. Practice the Five Tibetan Rites.
This is a simple form of Tibetan yoga that restores hormonal balance and recalibrates the chakra system. Check out Peter Kelder’s book, Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth: Book 2.

17. Ring Tibetan bells and singing bowls.
Sound transforms energy and acts as a vibrational tuning fork. Watch this YouTube video for a sound experience.

18. Carry grounding gemstones black tourmaline or smoky quartz.
Keep a black tourmaline or smoky quartz in a small pouch in your pocket or hung as a necklace over your heart. It’s even better when the stone touches your skin around your neckline, wrists, or ankles. Black tourmaline detoxifies, grounds, and protects. Smoky quartz shields, transforms negative emotions, and strengthens the adrenal glands.

19. Call upon the violet flame.
Proclaim, “Blaze, blaze, blaze the violet fire of transmutation” three times. When you notice an argument escalating into a fight — say this and visualize a violet flame or light flooding the room or area — and the argument will subside.

20. Visit sacred places.
A spiritual pilgrimage can be life changing. Changing your routine resets your mind. You receive a profound spiritual blessing when you visit a sacred place.

Psychic Smoothers and Refinishers
Supportive measures to help keep you on track. These help the positive effects of the shampoo and conditioning treatments stick.

21. Set clear boundaries.
Define your personal space and know when to say no or yes. Read Anne Katherine’s book on setting good boundaries.

22. Follow your inner compass.
If you don’t listen to your inner compass, you are more susceptible to following the “shoulds” (the expectations of others) in your life rather than the “coulds” (what you’d love to do). Don’t ever rule out possibilities. Read Martha Beck’s book Following Your Own North Star to light up the dials on your inner compass.

23. Practice moderation.
When things seem too full — on our plate, in our schedule, in our minds — we experience inner bloating and discomfort. As we grow numb, we no longer feel. Practice moderation and you will feel more alert and alive.

24. Seek like-minded friends.
I’m talking spiritual friends where you can get beyond the small talk, speak from your gut, and be heard.

25. Laugh often.
My personal recommendation: Watch HBO’s comedy show Flight of the Conchords, the creation of New Zealand musicians, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement. Here’s a clip.

26. Journal your thoughts and emotions.

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27. Develop a spiritual network.
We spend a lot of time talking about establishing a network in the business world. What about our spiritual life? Your spiritual network is a group of mentors that inspire you. Have at least two mentors. How about five?

28. Pace yourself.
Do you include yourself in your appointment book? Do you crowd yourself in or give yourself some open space day-to-day?

29. Play and create.
These are your joy and adventure muscles. Stretch them and they’ll keep you loose and flexible. Then, you won’t feel in danger when you take a risk, you will see it as an exploration, a life adventure.

30. Express gratitude.
This is the antithesis for fear, despair, and skepticism. Gratitude raises us up where we can see what is working, what is in harmony, what we appreciate, to create even more beauty in the world.

4 comments on “Psychic Grooming: Thirty Ways to Shine on the Inside

  1. zoetree says:

    I love this list. I can’t wait to spend some time with it later.

  2. Hi zoetree,
    Welcome! There’s a lot to explore. Select a few psychic grooming tools from the list that spark your interest. Let us know what resonates for you, and what you might like to add to the list.

  3. Radha says:

    Hi All,
    I have a tip to add : spend a little time communing with one of another species – animal or plant. Makes me feel so good. Maybe walk with a dog or spend sometime in your garden.

  4. Radha,
    Thanks for the excellent tip! I love spending time with our four-legged friend — our dog Koda. Animals reconnect us to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Would anyone else like to add to the list?

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