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The Art of Energetic Protection for Sensitive People

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Sensitive people require cleansing and protection, and we all are sensitive to varying degrees. It’s a good daily practice, like flossing your teeth. This keeps your energy field clear of negative energies. One of the key signs of a lack of protection is fatigue, a feeling of life weighing you down, and loss of direction. If life seems draining, heavy, and downright confusing, you may require more energetic protection.

Protecting oneself energetically is basically another way to set boundaries. Read more

Relationship Archetypes: A Mirror for Our Inner Development

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Relationships are at the top of the charts as the primary concern of a lifetime. Practically every day I talk with someone in a reading about a relationship they’re in currently or a relationship they’d like to be in. This includes family relationships, business partnerships, friendships, and lovers.

The types of relationships we are in reveals something about ourselves. This includes choosing to be alone – how we relate to ourselves in solitude. Every relationship reflects what we are working on, what needs healing, and what is important to us. Relationships are the consummate self-made workshop for working on oneself.

I find in readings that people will often complain about their relationship, and dwell on what the other person was doing wrong in the relationship. A relationship serves as a mirror for our inner development. Whatever we witness our partner doing in the relationship also reflects a pattern in ourselves.

I’ve noticed some common relationship archetypes in my reading practice. Read more

Dreamtime: How to Awaken Perception and Insight

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Dreamtime is an alternate state of perception where you can access insight and increase your visual acuity. Dreaming is not a fleeting image, but an experience where an event or series of images speaks to you with a message. Here are a few suggestions that will begin to open you to dreamtime. Read more