Change Your Voice, Change Your Destiny

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“Words are bodies or forces which move spirally and return in due season to cross the lives of their creators. People who are always talking lack and limitation, reap lack and limitation. You cannot enter the Kingdom of Abundance bemoaning your lot.”
— Florence Scovel Shinn

I came across a gem of a book in a quaint, used book store. The book is a Chinese Buddhist text called Changing Destiny: Liao-Fan’s Four Lessons by Venerable Master Chin Kung. It says that ancient advisors could predict the future of a person by observing their speech and behavior patterns. This really struck me and got me thinking: If speech reveals patterns, then the corollary is, with your voice, you can change your destiny. Here are some suggestions on how to do just that.

Where shall we begin? Let’s begin with words. Words are vibration and your voice is the instrument. By choosing the highest words, you raise your vibration attracting your most positive destiny.

1. The words you choose are invocations.

Our words create our future. Behind every word is the universal command “So Be It.” Every sound, every word, every sentence holds the energy of creation. On a page, words appear flat. Energetically, words have power and they can permeate your thinking and how you perceive reality. Our minds digest words in the same way that the stomach digests food, and your words can nurture how you look at life or disrupt your well-being. Do you want the “Everything Works” software or the “My Life is Always Difficult” software?

Words have a hypnotic ability to plant seeds in our consciousness. Advertisers know the power of words to sway consumers. Governments use propaganda to manipulate political consciousness. But words can also heal: When you go up to a lake and say how beautiful it is, the lake will begin to transform, and any pollutants will lessen. When you tell your spouse how beautiful they are, they will glow, and the relationship will glow. When you tell a child how smart they are, their natural intelligence will show.

2. Save “I am” for proclamations, use I feel for expressing emotional states.

If you say, “I am depressed,” that sounds permanent, like it’s been etched in stone. “I feel depressed,” is more temporal and fleeting. The words “I am” have Divine Power. When you say, “I am,” you are that state of being, that state of creation. These words call God into the picture and the power is amplified. Use these two words carefully. Save them for proclamations like: “I am beautiful, I am strong, I am prosperous, and I am calm.”

3. Avoid these words because they are life blockades: Never and Can’t.

Each use of “never” and “can’t” becomes a brick in a wall that surrounds your dreams. Why build fences with your words when you can have open fields where your dreams can flourish? Words that we use in repetition hammer in reality. Use your words to build up rather than to break down.

I remember a teacher in Junior High telling me I couldn’t draw very well, and that stuck with me for years. It was only years later that I started drawing again. You know what? I like my drawings! Creativity is viewed as some have it and some don’t in this culture. I believe creativity and intuition are standard human operating equipment. Creativity includes art, drama, dance, music, and writing, but it can also be how we interact with people, how we solve problems, even how we rest. Creativity is how we design life each moment. As the author of your own life story, use the best words possible!

4. Express words of appreciation and gratitude. Apply liberally.

These are the antidotes for anger and frustration. Gratitude sings of joy, and everyone wants to hear and draw near. Gratitude is a magnet for good and makes things whole. Anger splits open and creates fractures in life’s flow. Anger also magnetizes, but it attracts frustrating, pesty situations.

Be grateful for the things that are not (yet) in your life — and watch them quickly appear. You can turn any problem around by being thankful for its opposite. Are you and your boyfriend arguing? Say, “I’m thankful for calm, insightful, and peaceful communication with my boyfriend.” Say it 100 plus times and you will have massaged your consciousness. You are getting the kinks out of your thought processes and peaceful communication will emerge.

When you are thinking of what to be grateful for, remember that the most important gift is simply to be alive. What a gift it is to be here, to learn, and to serve!

5. Tone of Voice and Word Choices Change Intention.

I remember watching Tom Hanks on the television show Inside The Actor’s Studio. He was commenting how doing the voice for an animation character is hard work. You could be asked to say one sentence a variety of ways to create a different emphasis. Play with tone in your words to create more of what you want in your life. Tone of voice and the corresponding words we choose reflect the intention behind your words. Not only that, it reflects what we believe and don’t believe about what is possible in life. The sense of possibility is the doorway for creation: Keep this doorway open.

Let’s use this as an example, a topic that most everyone worries about: money. Read each of these statements below, and watch how your consciousness changes.

  • I am broke.
  • I never have enough money.
  • Money is a corrupted ideal.
  • Money is my friend.
  • Money flows in from many channels.
  • I always have more than enough.
  • I’m thankful for my abundant life.
  • Thank you for my ever-flowing abundance from the Divine Source.

Notice how your body feels with each statement, how your breathing changes. But also notice which statements enliven your awareness and make you feel most open to unexpected possibilities.

6. Chanting as Meditation, Chanting as Mental Floss.

Any words that are repeated are a chant. Chants also program the mind, so upbeat positive, devotional words are best. With meditation, I often sit for five or ten minutes and then my nose will start to twitch, my arm starts to itch, like a mosquito just bit me. I get restless. But I can chant for much longer. I can chant for 30 minutes to an hour, no problem. The sound clears my head.

When you chant, let your voice be like a bow to the Divine: Chant with devotion. I chant in a lower resonant voice sometimes or a higher joyful voice. OM (AUM), the Sanskrit word for God is an excellent chant. You can make a chant from any affirmation though, like “Peace” or “Joy” or “I am healthy,” “I am prosperous.”

Remember: Words that we repeat about ourselves are a live chant. Use complimentary words when you speak about your life and yourself, especially during challenging periods.

7. Shake Off Adversity by Focusing on Your Higher Goals

Words like “loss” and “failure” tend to haunt us. We let them label us and we begin to identify with these words. Challenging times can trick you if you let them. They can trick you into believing that the difficulties are here to stay. They are passing clouds. If we don’t let go of loss, we weave it into our ongoing life experience only to meet adversity once again.

Adversity often brings a hidden blessing or lesson in humility. Your ego gets a trim, snipping away the unessential so you can get closer to what’s really important. Adversity carries with it all the big lessons of love, simplicity, and trust.

Delays, setbacks, and a period of limbo often accompany a challenging period. This is a powerful embryonic state, a blank slate where you can begin again, your own personal Etch A Sketch for envisioning a new future. No matter how many things fall from the sky, keep focused on your prosperity, your love, your success, getting clearer by the day. Adversity is birth dressed up in strange and unfamiliar clothes setting the stage for a fresh, new beginning.

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