The Art of Energetic Protection for Sensitive People

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Sensitive people require cleansing and protection, and we all are sensitive to varying degrees. It’s a good daily practice, like flossing your teeth. This keeps your energy field clear of negative energies. One of the key signs of a lack of protection is fatigue, a feeling of life weighing you down, and loss of direction. If life seems draining, heavy, and downright confusing, you may require more energetic protection.

Protecting oneself energetically is basically another way to set boundaries. We can set boundaries by saying no and by setting up a force field. In the much loved television series Star Trek, the crew put up a force field to protect their ship. A force field can be a protective layer to prevent attack, but more commonly it’s used to keep out the dust and debris from the sea of energy that we all inhabit.

Protection and cleansing are energetic first aid, the primary medicine to pull from your medicine cabinet when life seems out of order. When praying for protection, make sure to include all aspects of your life, everything that feels like an extension of yourself: your family and loved ones, your home, your car, even your pets. And, of course, the wider community is also an extension of ourselves: the neighborhood, the homeless, the earth itself. All of these need our energetic protection as well.

Protection serves the following basic functions:

  • Shields and Insulates — Proper insulation protects your home from drafts and extreme temperatures. Protection is a form of insulation to preserve the integrity of your energy field.
  • Seals — Invoking protection keeps your energy well sealed. Then, you don’t leak your own energy and let negative energies in; you are energy efficient.
  • Distinguishes — Identifies your energy as unique from someone else’s. Without protection, your energy signature can get enmeshed with others.
  • Buffers — Reduces impact of negative energies that are sometimes unavoidable. A major accident becomes just a fender bender with a little protection.
  • Anoints — Declares your energy as a sacred resource. The act of praying for protection connects you to what is sacred in your spirit. To protect is the act of imbuing your energy with the sacred, which is an exercise of self-respect and honor.


The bubble of protection is a common mode of shielding. Put a bubble of protection around you that is impenetrable. Make sure it covers you top and bottom, front and back. I usually make the bubble feel “thick,” with dimension and strength. Fill up the bubble with your energy using your breath. If there is a color you are drawn to, make it that color. Put protective symbols in the bubble with you from your spiritual tradition. Use your intuition on how you would like to personalize your bubble of protection.

I also will frequently ask my guardians (helpers, guides, and angels) to encircle me with protection. They are happy to provide protection.


Transforms negative energies into positive; an energy cleanser.

Say three times, “Blaze, blaze, blaze, the violet fire of transformation.” Visualize a deep violet purple color pouring into a room, showering and cleansing an area, person, or situation: purple rain. I learned this from several priests in the ’80s who practiced the teachings of Archangel Michael. I use this visualization to clear a room after an argument, prevent an argument from escalating into a fight, and for clearing areas infected with negative energies. Great purifier.


Blessings radiate goodwill and kindness so that we may open and connect with the world. A blessing restores us and all things to the sacred.

I use the words: “May you be blessed, guided, healed, and prospered.” These four intentions of blessing cover a lot of life’s essentials. Blessing is the antidote for a sick world. There’s not enough well-wishing, and too much downgrading in this world. I also draw a lot of inspiration and wisdom from the Buddhist traditions for blessings. If you want to find many a good blessing, read the sacred Buddhist texts. Training to be a bodhisattva requires opening the heart to pure loving-kindness, and an open heart is a true blessing.

Book Recommendations — on protection and the art of blessing:

Psychic Protection: Creating Positive Energies for People and Places
by William Bloom

William Bloom is a metaphysical teacher from England. This is one of the most upbeat books on protection I’ve read. Some protection techniques can evoke feelings of defensiveness and fear. Bloom recommends learning how to infuse the situation or environment you’re in with positive energies. Protection is the art of transmuting energies to a higher level. He has an upbeat common sense approach to protection techniques. For example, he recommends that good health is fundamental to staying clear of negative energies. Very grounded, positive, and easy to read!

Blessings: The Art and The Practice
by David Spangler

In the 1970s, Spangler was one of the directors of Findhorn, a spiritual community in Scotland. A lovely book! I’m happy that such a book exists. This book on the art of blessing contains a valuable selection of blessing exercises to explore, and examples of blessings, so you have a template to work from when creating your own blessing. To bless is to connect and unite with a person or place. Spangler eloquently describes the uniting affect of a blessing: “Although we do something in order to create a blessing, a blessing is not something we do to someone. Rather, it’s something we become with that person. In sharing our blood and breath with another, we discover that we become a part of a larger body that contains us both. It’s this recognition, and the power inherent in that larger presence, that is the blessing.”

8 comments on “The Art of Energetic Protection for Sensitive People

  1. Christine says:

    Michelle, thank you so much for another insightful and interesting post. I can really relate to “picking up others negative energy”. It’s so hard to separate from it. I can feel it so intensely at times that I get stuck in it. I remember always wondering if everyone picked up stuff like that. I learned that we all can but some of us are definitely more sensitive to it than others. Oh, and just so you know……..I really look forward to your writings! Your blogs always provide inspiring thoughts. They lead to the road inward and that is a gift to be able to do for people. Be well.

  2. Christine, thank you for your comments! We are all dust busters — sensitive to other people’s energy to some extent. How often have we had a stomachache or headache only to discover that it belonged to the person sitting right next to us? The key is to shake off “the dust” of the other person’s energy. Then, we can distinguish are own energy from another.

  3. Tricia says:

    I too want to thank Michele for her intelligent, heart felt and inspirational posts. I look forward to reading and learning from them.

    I really appreciate some of the concrete suggestions in this post such as the blessing of “May you be blessed, guided, healed, and prospered.” and the words for transmutation. I personally think our culture is in need of rituals which help to ground us and set our intentions. I will try setting those two intentions today.

    May everyone out there be blessed, guided, healed and prospered 🙂


  4. Radha says:

    Hi wonderful people,
    My master told me a few things when I was having a problem with energy depletion and absorbing others’ negativities. 1. Raise ones own energy levels – by bellows breathing, to those familiar with Yoga. 2. Not to make eye contact with the person who is sharing their problem with you. Look over their shoulder or at their ear, even if it seems a bit shifty. 3. Not to get attached to anothers’ problems. To help, yes; but not to get sucked into their karma as this inflates ones ego by making one feel kind of responsible for another.
    When practised this really helped.
    Love, Radha.

  5. Tricia,
    Thank you for your comments and for the blessings you are sending from your beautiful spirit for the well-being of others!!!

  6. Radha,
    You bring such wisdom from your yogic practice. I’m fascinated by the suggestion your master made of not looking directly into the eyes of someone who is sharing their problem. Eyes are powerful soul beams and they can transmit negative energies, or they can transmit love.

  7. Ruth says:

    Hi Michele. I would like to thank you for your uplifting words. I really enjoy reading your blogs. I was reading excerpts from a book by Pierre Pradervade called ‘The Art of Blessing’. Check it out. Then I opened your e-mail to find more information and book recommendations about Blessings etc., I definitely agree that it is beneficial as an ongoing spiritual practice to remember to Bless rather than judge someone. This is something that I will incorporate into my daily life. I send healing to people and would be tuned into that way of thinking and feeling. Continued Blessings to you and your work. In your own words,
    “May you all be Blessed , Guided, Healed and Prospered.”


  8. Ruth, I appreciate your comments! Thank you for the book recommendation too — I will check out Pradervade’s book on the art of blessing. Blessing others is simple, yet so powerful — a way to connect with others in the moment, and raise consciousness.

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