Defying Gravity: How to Change the Rules with Your Thinking

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In February, there were two eclipses. Eclipses help us revisit old patterns that go back several decades. During eclipse periods, we upgrade our software – our thinking and belief systems – on our hard drive, our spiritual operating system.

Eclipses can have a delayed impact that peaks at six months. What was going on in your life in February? Check how these life themes culminate in the month of July.

I had several dreams during February that were life changing. I discovered a new philosophy to embrace: In walking the labyrinth of life, I realized that there are no dead ends as long as I kept walking until I found an opening. There always is an opening.

Dream 1: In Pleasantville, roller skating was only allowed on Tuesday nights. The rules were changing, and it would also be allowed on Thursday nights.

Dream 2: I also had a dream where I was standing in a brick room with no doors or windows. I created a door to exit in a matter of seconds with my will.

During the last few months, I’ve evaluated every event I could remember the past twenty years where I felt helpless to make a change, and I asked myself if I did everything I could in that moment. New avenues – in the past, present, and future – unfolded before my eyes.

There is a movie called Pleasantville where a brother and sister are ejected from their 1990s lifestyle into a 1950s sitcom, a saccharin existence, and they don’t know how to get back home. As they adapt to this environment, they transform this black and white world into a rainbow of colors – the town’s thinking and their own thinking is forever changed.

They changed the rules by realizing that:

  • Rules are not set in stone; they are variable, not fixed.
  • Repression is halted by expression, voicing our inner truth.
  • Trusting our own inner authority and not giving it away to established authority figures is a path to freedom.
  • Joy is an inherent human right.
  • The road at the edge of town extends – there are no dead ends! (edge of town = your mindset)

See your life in color, not in black in white.

The movie Pleasantville illustrates this beautifully. When the town of Pleasantville begins to imagine possibilities, the town changes from black and white to color. Black and white suggests dualistic thinking, fixed thinking. Seeing life in color includes a spectrum of possibility and is open and receptive. When life is magical, there is brilliance, an aura of light enveloping everything, and the promise of potential.

There is every possibility under the rainbow.

Meditate on the words “Beyond Borders.”

Intellectual processes tend to compartmentalize. This is drawing lines with our belief systems; exclusivity; and personal dogma. Mentally draw outside of the lines, step outside of the borders. Like the child with his or her coloring book, practice coloring outside the lines. Imagine what is beyond, out there, and step into the unknown. Befriend the unknown and let it be a continuous adventure, a space exploration of your own design.

Take journeys to visit other towns and countries to see how other people live. Take mental journeys. It’s only our thinking that leaves us trapped behind walls, and it is our thinking that can also set us free.

Here are some possible real life applications.

1. Want to shift out of a sub-prime mortgage that’s eating away at your income and shift to a fixed mortgage that will save you thousands of dollars? Just ask, but ask more than one person at your mortgage company, or if necessary approach several mortgage companies. This actually happened to one of my clients – by approaching more than one person, she found someone who would help her!

2. Does your company need a childcare center for the children of its employees, but your company refuses to finance it? Set up a childcare center in an unused room, and staff it with volunteers from a pool of employees.

3. Has the college of your choice turned you down? Apply again. Use a radically different approach. Put together an application that is a commercial about you on YouTube.

4. Is your health insurance company denying you coverage for a major surgery? Talk with or write at least three different people in this company, including the CEO!

Defy gravity by stepping to the next level.

We automatically assume that gravity weighs us down. We associate with the heaviness and density of the body, and not with the lightness of being that characterizes the spirit. There is a famous Escher painting called Relativity that shows stairs taking you to several different levels at once. I see these as planes of existence, planes of experience. You could go upstairs or downstairs. See Escher’s painting here. Click on the lithograph to see a larger version.

” So let us then try to climb the mountain, not by stepping on what is below us, but to pull us up at what is above us, for my part at the stars; amen.”
~M. C. Escher

You have a choice of following the stairs to several different levels. We often let our mindset reach a plateau where we are imagining only one level, one way of doing something, and one way of being. There may be one and only visible door, but there are actually multiple ways to reach your goal. Have you tried them all?

6 comments on “Defying Gravity: How to Change the Rules with Your Thinking

  1. lili says:

    How might life themes culminate in July? My dreams in February revolved around a relationship that had ended months before. It continues to occupy my thoughts while my ex has moved on in a dramatic way. Can I look forward to some sort of inner resolution?

  2. lili says:

    Also, do you sense anything in particular about my situation? I feel obsessed and unwell. My inner resources are depleted and I don’t feel spiritually guided or protected in any way. A vedic astrologer described my chart as ‘very difficult’ and that leaves me feeling more hopeless.

  3. Hi Lili,
    I’m sorry for the loss of your ex. Have you heard of the Bach Flower Remedies, homeopathics for the emotions and energy body? They are very gentle. There is one called Star of Bethlehem and this flower remedy helps heal the loss of a loved one. Ignatia amara, another homeopathic, is also good for grief. Perhaps these remedies would be of help. They will help calm the spirit within and the mind, which is the key to having resolution around painful issues, especially of the heart. Eclipse periods are testy at the beginning, but the inner tensions they bring on do get resolved.

  4. Hi Lili,
    Some Vedic Astrologers practice gem therapy. For an afflicted planet in the chart, there is a gem that will assist with healing and balance. Also, they work with specially assigned mantras to heal the mind and body. Ask your Vedic Astrologer for a referral to someone who works with gems and mantras/chanting. The gemstone emerald will help heal your heart and help you attract positive experiences in your relationships. Pray for inner guidance and protection. I will help by sending you some protective prayers and blessings — may you be guided and protected, always.

  5. Christine says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Michelle, your so right in the idea that there are so many different ways of getting to where you want to go. I find the challenge to be in finding the staircase that’s not necessarily the most difficult one for me. Does the most difficult climb have to be the one you learn the most from? So many times in my life the path has been the “harder” one. How does one shift to an easier one but still arrive at the same destination with the same lessons learned? I guess it all goes back to our thoughts.being responsible for our choices, and what lessons we are here to learn. Any thoughts on this? Hope all is well………

  6. Roxie says:

    I lilleatry jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

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