To Your Good Luck on this Summer Solstice

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Today marks the beginning of summer and the longest day of the year. We are blessed with the energies of the summer solstice at this time, a spiritual rite of passage that brings completion and a deeper connection to others and to nature.

In his book, Nature Speak: Signs, Omens, & Messages in Nature, Ted Andrews, teacher and mystic, reminds us:

The summer solstice marks the high point of the “Year of the Soul.” For a brief time, all four planes of life are aligned with the physical – the spiritual, mental, astral, and the etheric…It is a time that provides opportunity to consummate a phase of our spiritual growth. It is a time in which separateness can yield to unity in any area of our lives.

At six months into the New Year, we reach a pinnacle in our spiritual growth. What we’ve cultivated during those months begins to sprout mid-way through the year. Review the last six months for seeds you planted and watch how much they’ve grown as of the start of the summer.

One of the seeds I’ve been working on is truth and justice — knowing when to stand up for myself and when to walk away. The result is a new strengthened interior. Self-cultivation is like farming, which requires patience. I can think of many a day when I lacked patience. We all tend to watch and hope for those sprouts to grow sooner than they are ready. Rather than each day, let each season be the marker for new growth. Nature is our advisor; trust in nature to accurately measure our spiritual growth.

Give Yourself A Raise

Give yourself a raise this summer solstice. The best raise we can give ourselves is to raise up our thinking. If you’ve always attracted a partner who is not dependable, imagine yourself with someone who is trustworthy and reliable. If you feel like you have to settle for less in your chosen profession, why not go out on your own, and form your own business. Expand your inner geography and make room for improvement, expansion, and fulfillment in your life.

Remember: Your life is a broadband of possibilities.

Good Luck, Ladybugs, and Our Dog Koda

Traditionally, ladybugs brought good luck to farmers because they would eat pests and protect crops. Their appearance heralds the arrival of a good luck event. Also, they help reduce life’s pest-like irritations.

A ladybug announced the arrival of our puppy, Koda into our life who is now three years old. I was eating brunch with a friend and I noticed a ladybug encircling my coffee cup numerous times. When I got home, my husband had exciting news: a puppy was available for adoption. We adopted him in November 2005.

I would like to send you the blessing of good luck ladybugs to bring positive results into your life.

  • May you find warm and joyful companionship.
  • May your mind be at ease; may you have restful sleep.
  • May you recognize your inner beauty; may self-acceptance be your friend.
  • May you connect with the natural expression of your creativity and your mission.
  • May you and your family be prospered; may you experience an abundant life.

What spurts in spiritual growth are you seeing in yourself at the beginning of this summer? Would you like to share a good luck story?

2 comments on “To Your Good Luck on this Summer Solstice

  1. Jen says:

    wow! Reading what you said re: the ladybug and your photo has me spinning. I have always had a private belief that ladybugs mean good luck. I do tune in to symbols and signs, but don’t consider myself superstitious. whenever I rescue a ladybird out of water, I consider it a lucky day. The other day I fished out 1 unfortunately dead, foloowed by 1 alive. I interpreted that as I will receive 1st. some bad news followed by some good. I’m still waiting. I’m also acknowledging when I get validations on my communications with spirit such as finding this site and paragraphs. i will give you another strange example; the other morning 4 some no doubt to be clarified reason, I awoke wondering for the 1st. time how worms reproduce?? The next day, I changed radio stations to 1 I don’t listen to often to the exact! point where a woman was talking about you guessed it, the sex life of worms. In fact the whole program was 1 on worms and breakdown of materials. i’m still processing subconsciously the significance of this, but have no doubt I will. Cheers, may you find a ladybug and send it love every day, Jen

  2. Jen,
    You have a natural understanding of signs and symbols. I’m glad to meet another kindred spirit who appreciates ladybugs. Bugs often get the bum wrap, yet they do good in the world. For instance, worms naturally sift, mix, and soften the soil. They increase the healthy bacteria in the soil and they naturally aerate the soil. To be pondering worms could suggest the following: You are doing a lot of inner work subconsciously (the underground) clearing your psyche. There could also be a reference to digestive processes that need some healing. Take a probiotic to aid your digestion. Since worms fertilize the soil, this could suggest your finances are moving into a fertile period with new possibilities taking sprout.

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