Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

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How do we explain how one day can be rosy, and the next day with clouds hanging overhead? Has anything really changed but our viewpoint?

With an economic crisis, we are more vulnerable to the glass-half-empty mentality, which only provokes more fear. A glass-half-empty state of mind is consumed by lack, and we need to prevent these fears from reaching epidemic proportions. Why? Fear freezes in its footsteps. Fear causes mental paralysis and impedes creativity. Once we cease moving and stretching our minds, we lose direction and momentum.

Creativity moves, stretches, bends and can mold itself into unusual shapes to fit anywhere. Creativity is a flexible state of mind that links up with Divine imagination to gather solutions, and it energizes everything it touches. Creativity is a mental gymnast who can do backbends, cartwheels, flips, and walk through walls. Obstacles don’t scare creativity because problems are recognized as optical illusions, mirages – vision impairment.

“We need to learn to process things in a different way. I always think of everything in terms of energy. To me, problems represent living in a world of low energy. When you bring higher energy to the presence of lower energy, it dissolves it, it dissipates it, it can’t survive.”
~Dr. Wayne Dyer, The Edge Newspaper Interview, Changing Our Minds

Don’t feed the fear monster, feed your creativity instead with these mental energizers that will keep your glass full.

1. Practice Gratitude And Appreciation.

Our parents asked us as children to say thank you to teach us proper manners. We didn’t learn at the time that saying thank you connected us to Divine energy. One of the greatest gifts of the law of attraction books is the emphasis on gratitude and appreciation. Have you noticed how gratitude and appreciation add value immediately? One dollar seems like twenty dollars, a simple meal tastes gourmet, even a stagnant relationship is refreshed with gratitude and appreciation.

Saying thank you isn’t enough, you must feel your heart warming like liquid honey. The Spanish poet, Antonio Machado speaks deeply of the heart in his poetry:

“Last night, as I was sleeping,
I dreamt — marvelous error! —
that I had a beehive
here inside my heart.
And the golden bees
were making white combs
and sweet honey
from my old failures.

~Antonio Machado

The words ‘thank you’ are not just mere words, the heart fills up and radiates love. A subtle, yet profound shift occurs. We heal — forgive ourselves and others — when we say thank you.

2. Stay Connected To Divine Energy.

The Divine is a high-powered energy circuit — a 1,000-watt bulb — with endless inspiration to give. The Divine is the supplier, the semiconductor of all your good and possibility.

We think our source of Divine energy is our government, our boss, our bank, our spouse, our mother, or our father. Why plug into a 40-watt bulb, when higher wattage is available? Lower wattage causes confusion.

How do we stay connected to Divine energy? Read inspirational books, sacred texts, meditate, pray, and commune with nature. Let your mind be open and flexible. Tap your creativity by getting involved in art, music, and dance. Art includes cooking, gardening, and sidewalk chalk drawing.

We know when we are connected with the Divine when our use of language shifts. We stop complaining. We stop indulging in worse-case-scenario thinking. For example, it doesn’t help when we repeat the words the Great Depression. This references the past, and frankly the words are depressing! Words invoke reality, so we are at risk of creating that same reality. Let’s not go there.

Let’s raise the bar.

I’d advocate using words that express and define the changes we’d like to see. Let’s invent some new words. Some words I’ve stumbled upon that I like are social entrepreneur. We need to expand our definition of business and economics beyond profit making, and these words bring social concerns into the picture. Social awareness leads to better business decisions.

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3. Change Your Reality TV Channel, Change Your Perspective.

The first thought we have when faced with a problem is that we’re stuck, trapped, and we can’t move. It feels physical doesn’t it like trudging on all fours in a crawl space?

I attended a lecture at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado in March 2008 where the spiritual leader, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith spoke on how to create our own destiny. His wife, Rickie Byars-Beckwith, performed spiritually uplifting songs (she sings beautifully). They are a dynamic couple who know how to raise the energy in the room!

He presented a Zen Koan like question to the audience:

A goose is stuck in a bottle and how do you get it out?

His answer: It wasn’t there in the first place.

It’s our mind that’s “stuck in the bottle,” and it’s our mind that can get us out. Mind transcends space and time. It’s our mental attitude that gives us the headroom we need. Success in life requires mental agility. When our mind is relaxed and in a creative mode, the constraints (the bottle) disappear.

“I’ve seen this and more, flying, and it all falls under one label. Perspective. It is perspective that shows us beyond the illusions of a sun’s death, that suggests if we lift ourselves high enough, we’ll realize that the sun has never left us at all.”
~Richard Bach, the mystic pilot and author, Gift of Wings

Anytime we face an obstacle, it is a sign to let go of the status quo, and do something different using our ingenuity. A crisis develops only because we want to hang on to what is familiar. It is time for change, for new possibilities. We can choose to create a new reality, a new future. Then, we reclaim our wings — our perspective opens.

6 comments on “Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

  1. jm says:

    this quote made my day. love it!

    “Last night, as I was sleeping,
    I dreamt — marvelous error! – that I had a beehive
    here inside my heart.
    And the golden bees
    were making white combs
    and sweet honey
    from my old failures.”
    ~Antonio Machado

  2. Jim says:

    Hi Michele

    Thank you for the nice sharing. I’d agree that we ought to find something new when things don’t feel right anymore. On the other hand, let’s say I’ve already taken the plunge from my “zone of familiarity” onto something new. While feeling excited, a sense of uncertainty inevitably arises, largely because of the fear that I may have made a wrong decision. If I’m in this situation, what do you think I can do to be less fearful, and to convince myself that I’m (or whether I’m) really on the right track?


  3. Hi JM,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the poem! Poetry expresses feelings and life experiences with such honesty, texture, rhythm, and soul.
    If you’d like to explore more poetry, visit this website for a wide range of sacred poetry:
    Thank you for your comment!

  4. Hi Jim,
    How do you know when you are on the right track? Here are three suggestions:
    1. Watch the signs — interesting events that occur along the way. Signs give you messages about what to expect further down the road.
    2. Watch the flow — is everything going smoothly or do you have to push things to get them moving? When we have to force, then it can suggest the energy isn’t right at the time, and the road ahead could be strenuous and complex. Grace, simplicity, ease, indicate flow. This lets you know that the pathway you’re taking is more in alignment with your spirit.
    3. All the roads connect; they wind into each other. There isn’t a wrong track or a right track. Think of it like an extended journey with lots of adventure. Listen to your instincts (checkpoints) along the way.
    All the best on your journey.

  5. Michelle,
    Thanks for sharing and confirming! Critical thinking is truly needed in this time. People say think outside of the box, I would usually say, “what box?”

    I truly believe struggling is a choice and I also hope and believe that people are willing to learn and grow and embrace this fascinating thing we call life.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  6. Michele,
    Good post! Thank you.
    Do you know that not only can fear affect our vision, but that our vision can unexpectedly cause us to feel fear?

    This happens because 90% of the perception of vision happens in the brain as it decodes the impressions of light received from the eyes. Other memories, including emotions can be “attached” or included by the brain in the decoding process.

    Learning to see more energies, or as I call it “Seeing the Divine” can help remedy having unwanted emotion brought into one’s life on an ongoing basis as the brain decodes these impressions of light. A person can easily learn to see more energy everywhere, and the brain can learn to recognize emotion as simply energy and particles, which is what it is as are thoughts.

    Seeing the energies is definitely inspirational. For many people they are or represent the words of The Divine.

    I like how you bring art into the discussion, because adding visual memories is done through art.

    This is all brand new and based on recent scientific discoveries, ancient spiritual wisdom and it uses Post Conceptual Art.

    Your post has me wondering if similar applications from other arts can be applied to the other senses.

    Thanks for this post!

    Judy Rey

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