Defying Gravity: How To Stay Up in a Downturn World

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Defying gravity doesn’t involve superhero antics. It’s a subtle change: Let your perception shift. Let your mind, your neck, and head relax. There’s a spiritual portal at the back of the neck that helps you access wisdom: Open.

Here is a mini tour of these three shamanic worlds. Think of them as vast internal landscapes.

  • Upper World (Be Divinely Mentored): The sky, angels, saints, gods, destiny, and the peaceful and enchanting view from multi-room tree houses.
  • Action: Listen, Quiet, Receive: Meditating, praying, walking in nature, dreaming, and reading sacred texts.

  • Middle World (Be Creative): The beauty of everyday physical reality in sunrises and sunsets, mountains and rivers, and the artificially sweet smelling lure of shopping malls.
  • Action: Express, Invent, Create: Doing dishes, gardening, smiling, and painting.

  • Lower World (Be Real): The cave, ancestors, childhood, roots, and mysterious, musty basements.
  • Action: Deep Sea Dive, Explore, Heal: Psychotherapy, bodywork, energy healing, past life therapy, and journaling.

Middle World: Be Creative

If we reside only in the middle world, then we think the material world is all there is. We lack faith, and see destiny has predestined, unchangeable. We avoid listening to dreams (the mystical and symbolic language of the upper world), and we see exploring our ancestral past (our conditioning, the lower world) as useless. The result is a lack of meaning in our lives.

Living mainly in the middle world is like living without a solar system, and stars, and starlight.

To successfully navigate the middle world: Step out of your comfort zone. Be nimble and quick. If everyone is zigging, then zag: Do something different. Experiment. Improvise everyday.

Lower World: Be Real

There are two seeds, or places of origin. The seed in the lower world represents our conditioning, the lies we learn about ourselves. Here we confront ancestral patterns. These patterns are the software that we’re hoping to upgrade this lifetime.

When we believe our families, our world history, our past or our problems represent our true nature, we find ourselves stuck in the lower world, in our minds. These belief systems are relics. It’s time for an archaeological dig.

What goes wrong in the visible world is only the tip of the iceberg. So to correct a dysfunctional state of affairs effectively, one must first locate its hidden area, its symbolic dimension, work with it first, and then assist in the physical (visible) extension of it. Visible wrongs have their roots in the world of the spirit. To deal only with their visibility is like trimming the leaves of a bush when you mean to uproot it.

~Malidoma Patrice Some, Ritual: Power, Healing, and Community

To successfully navigate the lower world: Weed some bones. Don’t let skulls and bones accumulate; dig them up and use them to rewrite internal scripts. Visiting the lower world helps us recognize the worms (belief systems, distortions of self) that are tampering with our internal wiring.

In the lower world, we learn how to reside in our true self, accessing personal power. We begin to recognize who we are beyond any masks, facades, or societal expectations. We return to the middle world with an authentic self, not a manufactured self (the conditioned self).

Upper World: Be Divinely Mentored

In the upper world, we touch the seed of our potential where we can rewrite our code, our DNA. Here we meet up with masters and archangels who can reconnect us with our Divine natures, so we can change our cellular structure, our mind, and our destiny. To tune in to the upper world, keep your consciousness fresh. Don’t let anything get too embedded in your programming. Upgrade frequently.

To successfully navigate the upper world requires humility and good listening skills. Let yourself be guided by someone who has fresh insight into how the world works by adding heroes to your social network. Include your favorite unsung heroes that no one knows about – a cool high school teacher, a kind neighbor, a bus driver who is really a philosopher – and other gods and goddesses. The upper world is for Divine communication and spiritual mentorship. When we listen, we recognize the signs and synchronicities: the word of the Divine.

Oh, don’t let me forget. There’s one other quality that will help us all integrate these fields of consciousness.

Be goofy often. Goofy keeps our fears at bay.

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