A New Aesthetics: Understanding the Energy of Things

“The ability to perceive, to respond, to create beauty is a triumph against brutality, and also, mediocrity. Beauty is like a medicine made from local herbs that steadies and strengthens, tonifies the nervous system.”~J. Ruth Gendler, Notes on the Need for Beauty

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This world vibrates with a universal pulse. All things emit and absorb energy: sacred inner beauty. A couch reflects the people who sit on it. A dog emulates the energy of its guardian. A stream carries the thoughts of its community.

The more conscious we are of the energy of things, the more natural beauty we create.

1. Main ingredient in food is the energy of its maker.

Food is more than simple sustenance. There’s an energy exchange going on. Infuse food with Divine energy, and love enters the picture. A grilled cheese sandwich prepared with love and attention tastes ten times better than a gourmet meal prepared with agitation. We want Mom’s tasty fried chicken because we drink in some nurturing energy.

When we slap food together, it’s a slab of food without zest and energy. When we engage our hearts in the preparation, food is medicine.

2. Plants have feelings too.

Nature is awake and alive, with its own Universal heartbeat. I remember a news story several years ago about a man who fired gunshots at a 15-foot-tall Saguaro Cactus in the Arizona desert for fun, only to have one fall on him and kill him one day.

One winter, I heard the collective scream of our houseplants. They let out a shrill cry for more water. I’d waited too long to water them, plus they were breathing the hot air from the fireplace.

3. Objects emit and absorb energy: sacred inner beauty.

Sit and pray on a purple silk scarf for days and it’s transformed into a healing wrap for someone with cancer. Crocheting a scarf while praying or saying a mantra infuses it with loving energy, providing warmth and spiritual sustenance to the receiver.

I noticed a large, black leather chair that dominated a unisex bathroom in a corporate office. The chair’s size and color caused an imbalance in the office; it was out of place. The entire office was prone to angry outbursts and relationship problems.

4. Artwork creates a live energetic atmosphere.

Be careful what you put in the foyer, the entranceway of your home or office. Whatever you put at the entrance or mouth of a building circulates through the whole building. An acupuncturist and chiropractor shared an office. There was a large, six-foot-by-three-foot painting of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the foyer. The acupuncturist’s son broke his leg and had to wear a full-leg cast for months. The chiropractor was embroiled in legal problems (remodeling building codes) with the city. Feng Shui experts would agree this painting draws sadness and grief into this office. Read more: How Hidden Vibrations Affect The Feng Shui of Home and Office.

Buzz Coffee Shop, my favorite place for some java, has two large beautiful black-and-white prints adorning its walls: one of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the other a close-up of the Flatiron Building district in New York City. This coffee shop bustles with business. Its name, “Buzz,” gives their business life and streaming activity, and the prints jazz it up inviting people in.

5. Aesthetics and beauty have the power to heal.

We know aesthetics isn’t just adding gloss and shimmer. When we align ourselves with higher forces, we make sacred art of our environment. Then, aesthetics has meaning, impact, and the potential to heal. When we add beauty, color, and symmetry to a park, the surrounding neighborhood is uplifted. The neighborhood and park coexist; change the park, and the neighborhood starts breathing and singing again.

One comment on “A New Aesthetics: Understanding the Energy of Things

  1. It is healing to read words and of experiences that I have personally experienced in my own life. The mystery remains a mystery but we have have had direct contact with it and been uplifted, knowing the vastness of who we are and the bliss that is available to us, and that bliss when felt in one’s bones, spontaneously heals the one and the other. The idea of war is unknown in that space which is ours.
    Rachelle Benveniste

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