Dazed and Confused: The Dangers of Remaining Undecided

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In my early 20s, I walked into the University of Kentucky to register for classes one balmy September day with the goal of majoring in Physical Therapy. On that same day, I turned around and left campus feeling undecided, dazed and confused. I really didn’t know what I wanted.

When we start college, it’s not uncommon to declare ‘undecided’ as a major. It can be an important time to sample a variety of classes, exploring interests and possible life pathways, before deciding on a specific focus. But eventually we need to become ‘decided’ before a career and adult identity can take shape.

If we’re really wanting results in our life, remaining undecided is not great for manifesting results. The more unclear we are about what we want, the more haphazard the outcome. When we are confused, we are submitting an order form to the Universe that is blank.

The Importance of Setting Preferences

We are always creating, whether we know it or not. We are always broadcasting intentions into our lives and into the world. The question is, are we doing it consciously or unconsciously? Are we creating with clarity or with a lot of disruptive static?

We often don’t know when we’re unconscious. We’ll say we want a better boyfriend or a better job, yet we don’t form a clear image in our minds of what we really want to draw into our lives. This is why there are accountants who want to be landscape gardeners and office managers who want to be entrepreneurs.

Remember that the Universe, your manifestation partner, loves details. How many butterfly species are there worldwide? (28,000 FYI, according to factsaboutbutterflies.net). The Universe is not generic in its design; it is highly specific, with a kaleidoscope of magnificent detail and originality. You are also an original, one of a kind.

Originality is unexplored territory. You get there by carrying a canoe – you can’t take a taxi.~Alan Alda

Being clear about what you want is a continuous process of self-discovery. No one else can do this for you. Just you. There’s no fast route. Avoid drifting away from yourself by staying committed to internal work — grounded, centered, connected to who you are.

Preferences are internal settings: your likes and dislikes, your interests, abilities, and values. Ultimately, your preferences are a specific reflection of your soul.

When you first launch a new computer, you set your system preferences: time zone, alert sounds, screensaver, etc. The same is true in life. When we set preferences, we align internally – and our external world follows. Then, the Universe can respond to the magnetic template that we set.

When you are connected to your sense of Divine Purpose, you are focused and directed. You cannot be thrown off balance or deterred from the path that’s right for you. Because of your strong inner sense of direction you cannot be misled, and aren’t vulnerable to the dominant will of others. The result: You are living your life and not someone else’s. Know yourself, know your purpose, set your preferences.

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  1. AwenMan says:

    Great post! A friend of mine put a link to it on the Facebook News Feed which is how I found you.
    Agree with you completely. If you want you can put a link to my blog site where I let people download free PDF worksheets for SMART goals and Ben Franklin decision making that I have created. These are the nuts and bolts practical steps of proceeding and making your preferences into reality.

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