When Repetition Reveals A Sign

We have email and gmail, msn.com and aol.com, earthlink.net and comcast.net.

But there’s more.

We also have divine mail messages – signs — that come to us from a communicative, magical, divine source.

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The Divine is whimsical and doesn’t hesitate to post messages in unusual places: in the sky, in our shoes, in our yard. The Divine is talkative and personal, and will repeat messages more than once hoping we’ll hear.

One way the Divine communicates is:

When two or more people tell you a story with the same theme, an event is approaching.

Here are some notes from my journal. Notice how the sign is within days or weeks of the actual event.

January 2010: Food Poisoning

1/9 – Eating brunch with a friend and she tells me she got food poisoning earlier in the week on January 4th.

1/11 – Shopping for groceries with my mother, and she tells me a co-worker of hers got food poisoning eating seafood — clams.

1/17 – I get a bad case of food poisoning eating a salmon sandwich from a restaurant.

What do we do with these messages? The first order of things is to pay attention. When we can give something our attention, that’s the point where we can initiate change. Start there. Notice when you hear of an event twice. Just pay attention.

March 2010: Body Worlds

3/23 – A friend who is a massage therapist highly recommends Body Worlds and The Story of the Heart exhibit in Denver, a well-known anatomy exhibit using plasticized cadavers.

3/27 – A different friend also asks me whether I’d be interested in going to the Body Worlds exhibit.

Intuitively, I strongly felt these recommendations were eerie and that I would soon have a close encounter of some sort that was connected to the body (body-worlds).

4/12 – Spent the day at the emergency room with my mother who was diagnosed with a bad case of left-sided pneumonia.

When I accompanied my mother to the ER, I learned about the ER and all the tests they administered in a long afternoon: heart rate monitoring, x-rays, cat scans, blood work, and more. It’s a running marathon of tests and I’m surprised they don’t have a special test recovery room.

I attended several follow-up doctor appointments with my mother. This was a painfully comedic adventure, these trips to the doctor with my mother, because she has a doctor phobia. She hadn’t seen a doctor in sixteen years. She went to these appointments begrudgingly, and we joked and sighed (heavily at times) our way through it.

4/17 – My husband broke several ribs on the left side at his martial arts class.

I also learned about broken ribs. My husband couldn’t sleep lying down for two weeks. He had to get creative arranging pillows, using three to four pillows to prop himself up. Coughing, laughing, sneezing caused him pain. We avoided watching funny movies for a few weeks. It’s an unusual event when laughing causes pain.

Putting those all together, I did have a close encounter with body-worlds, the body-worlds of my loved ones. Both of these “body-world” events happened at the same time, and I felt like the in-house nurse for a while. Thankfully, my mother recovered from pneumonia and my husband’s ribs healed all in good time, a three to six-week period for recovery.

The Divine has another purpose in mind: To help us notice the connection between things. The Divine speaks in pun and metaphor. Body Worlds, in this case, was a metaphor for an event involving the health and body of more than one person (worlds).

This is the language of signs, and they’re fun to watch and listen to, as entertaining as television and movies. Have fun paying attention to signs.

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