A Hug from a Beloved Father on the Other Side

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Over the years, I’ve had interesting encounters with loved ones on the other side. This was one of my favorite and more meaningful exchanges. Our ancestors often come forward with this purpose: To express their love.

My husband’s father, Steve, passed away suddenly in September 2008. He died quietly in his sleep in his apartment. He lived thousands of miles away in Sofia, Bulgaria, in Southeastern Europe. Before Steve passed away, my husband, Ivan, stayed in touch with his father via email, but he hadn’t seen Steve in many years. Sadly, I never met him. The following dream felt so familiar as if we’d seen him yesterday.

Six months after he died, my husband’s father visited me in my dreams. He appeared at the door, robust and smiling, and said, “I’m sorry that I didn’t say a proper good-bye.” The word “proper” hung in the air. He realized his departure was sudden, which didn’t allow him time to communicate his love, affection, and good-byes to his children.

Then, he reached out and gave both my husband and me a big hug. There was no physicality to this hug; our shoulders, arms, and chest didn’t touch. Yet, the hug was overflowing with emotion. It was a LOVE hug, a warm-thought embrace. The intention of love filled the dream.

He also gave his children from another marriage, my husband’s half-brother and sister, who stood nearby in the dream, a warm hug, as well.

The final image in the dream was peaceful: Steve was walking with his mother, Anne, by a large river in the Ukraine, her right hand tucked under his arm. The river seemed wide and friendly, a great walking companion – the Dniepro River. Anne appeared as a short, sturdy, industrious woman, which matched her description, according to my husband. Although she lived in California her adult years, she was born in the Ukraine.

Anne and Steve, mother and son, were reunited on the other side. Makes you wonder what they were talking about, all the countless lives they’ve shared, reminiscing lifetimes.

Have you had special communication from loved ones on the other side? A dream? A vision? A feeling? A synchronicity? I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Darcy D says:

    I had a very dear friend who shared many of the same beliefs that I did. We both believed in Angels, spirit guides and that messages can be received from the other side, to name a few.
    She was close to her father and when he passed away she was devastated. Her son claimed that “pop pop” would visit with him and talk with him. When my friend had difficulties dealing with her mother and was angry, a certain song would play on the radio that had significant meaning to her father and her or a commercial would come onto the tv that also had meaning to them both. She knew this was her father and she acknowledged him and it always brought her comfort.
    A few years later my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage four. This was probably caused from the radiation therapy she had to the chest region to treat her Hodgekins disease some 13 years prior. We were about two years into treatments when a complication arose. I remember very clearly waking up one morning and I could not get out of bed and I remember feeling like I had to lay down for a few more minutes. I immediately fell to sleep but it wasn’t sleep. It was much different….. I remember someone sitting at the foot of my bed, I felt the weight on my bed and I saw it was her father. He looked as he always did in the summer, a white ribbed tank type t-shirt a pair of old trousers, a silver medal around his neck and he didn’t have his teeth in !! He spoke to me and asked “How is our friend doing?” and I told him she had cancer again and that is was caught very late and that it had spread. At this point I was becoming upset and I said to him “There is nothing like being kicked when you’re down” at which point he whacked my lower leg with the back of his hand and said “Don’t worry we’ll kick back” I remember coming to and I knew I was not sleeping and I knew her dad did truly come to me. I called my friend immediately and described my encounter. She was laughing and crying and angry that her father visited me and not her. Then she told me when she was hospitalized with Hodgekins her dad vistited her and sat at the foot of the bed and after she explained to him what was happening to her he whacked her lower leg and spoke the same identical words that he spoke to me. My friend never never never told me this story…..she lived three more years before she was reunited with her dad.
    It still amazes me that after more than 10 years I remember it still so clearly….

  2. renee says:

    Hi Michele,
    Lovely – thank you for this story. I have two little experiences I’ll share. Both concern my fathers; my biological father who died when I was six and my step-father who died just a few years ago.

    My first father was in the hospital in a coma after a bad car accident. My siblings and I were not allowed to see him while he was in the hospital, and we were warned that he was in grave danger of dying. At the time, I really had no concept of what death meant, I was just very sad that he was not around. Then one day I was in school thinking of him and I suddenly felt an overwhelming feeling of warmth and a voice said, “Your father is going to be fine.” When I got home from school — I ran the whole way home because I couldn’t wait to tell my mother — I rushed through the front door and I saw my mother and our church pastor sitting together in the living room. I just blurted out that I knew my father was going to be fine. Then they both exchanged looks and I could see in my eyes that he was dead. This was a shock to me, as I had misinterpreted the message. But looking back, I know I was being reassured that he was fine, wherever he had gone to after he had passed on.

    The second story involves my step-father with whom I was very close. I was thousands of miles away at the time living in Morocco. One day, on February 19th, I just had a horrible feeling all day long and I even had an argument with my best friend over nothing. I cried all night and was miserable and inconsolable. Then the next day, I got the news that he had passed away just the day before (so that must have been what I was feeling, without knowing why specifically). My partner and I sat down and held our hands and sent him our love, and then we both distinctly felt the warmth come over us and a strong friendly presence in the room with us. Then, I actually ‘smelled’ him. His own personal odor that I recognized — like a kind of odor-memory — a sign that it was indeed him. I knew immediately he was well and surrounding us with his love.

    I have had visitations from pets as well that passed on. I don’t think pets are just empty biological machines. I believe souls from the other dimensions often stay close to us through our pets.


  3. Baskar says:

    Hi I am from India and currently in italiano. I had dreamed abt my deceased dad last night and hugged me for my help. He had fallen into big volume of water in a tank and i helped him to recover by opening the tank water so he hugged. In the morning i awakened i was not feeling well flue attacked and got my rejected interview results from South africa. Could anybody advice me??

  4. Baskar says:

    its about my father

  5. Ken says:

    Today is October 20, 2014. My father passed away October 17, 1983 at the age of 57. I was 26 years old when he passed away I am now 57 the same age he was when he died. I suffer from clinical depression and I have had an especially hard episode the past few weeks which is not unusual for I suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as well. In the many years that I have had really difficult episodes I dream of my Father. This time was no different except in the past in my dreams my Father would be dancing and laughing both of which he loved to do. These dreams have always been a comfort to me, but this time I dreamed that he and I shared one of the most wonderful hugs I have ever had…..from anyone. My father usually comes to me I feel when I need him most and not every time, but most times it signals to me an end to the awful emptiness and isolation of my depression episodes. I woke up saying, “it sure was good to see you again Daddy.”. It brought me such comfort. My father was a stern man, but loved his 9 children very much and worked so hard to provide for us. Like I stated previously in my past dreams he would be dancing and laughing and I never got to touch him. I even remember a slight scratch from his beard as our faces were pressed togeather as we hugged. I don’t care what people say or how they interpret their dreams, but all dreams are open to interpretation that’s why they are called dreams. So, I chose to see this dreams along with many others as my Father guiding me out of a very dark place to safety. I miss him so much.

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