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Four levels of events

“Four Levels of Events:

Information: facts and data, our usual human response;
Symbology: what the symbols of names, places, and events tell us, the inner forces;
Meaning: what events mean to us when viewed with a compassionate heart, spiritual lessons;
Significance: how events fulfill Divine Evolutionary Will, planetary purpose.”

~ Corinne McLaughlin & Gordon Davidson

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Animals are spiritual teachers

“Many deep ecologists tell us that nature and animals teach us about collaboration, relationship, and interdependence, and these are concepts important to living a deep spiritual life. Animals seek us out for this kind, deep wordless communion, and help us home to our spiritual selves.”

~ Susan Chernak McElroy

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What are Dead Dolphins Telling Us about the Conflict with Syria?

“Since July 1, 2013, 333 dolphin carcasses have been found along shorelines from New York State to North Carolina, a figure more than 10 times the normal rate of dolphin recorded deaths. Most of the dead dolphins were washed up along the beaches of Virginia.”

~ Robert Myles,

A capitalist society will see events as literal, looking only at the physical interpretation. In the case of an event involving a large number of animals, we focus on the environmental causes. Since our environment is out of balance, we must identify these causes, so we can correct them.

That’s only part of the picture.

It’s critical that we look at the meaning behind events. That’s where the message is.

Signs are the most intricate, built-it news system in the world. Animals are the journalists, and they are speaking on behalf of this world. Because of their highly sensitive nature, they have the ability to sense events that are forming weeks, months, even a year ahead of time. They’ve got the radar and the sonar listening devices to detect imbalances in our atmosphere, lands, oceans, and people long before it reaches news headlines.

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Key Principle of Signs: Events move along a continuum like waves; everything is connected. No event is an island.

Before any event of large magnitude, there will be a multitude of signs, signs of guidance, signs that forewarn. We receive advance notice of future events. Read more