9 Qualities of Miracle Makers

Image Credit: SanguineVamp, deviantart.com.

Image Credit: SanguineVamp, deviantart.com.

What characteristics does a person have that helps them transcend adversity, severe illness, or trauma? They have the miraculous ability to navigate through the dark, bringing forth the light, turning trials and tribulation into pearls of wisdom.

This list of qualities of a Miracle Maker was adapted from the book, Miracle in Maui, Let Miracles Happen in Your Life by Paul Pearsall, Ph.D.

1. Open to the unpredictable nature of life. Embracing uncertainty and change. Vulnerability. Humility.

2. Recognizing there is a higher plan at work, even amidst great challenges. Connecting with Divine Purpose despite the rigorous demands of day-to-day living.

3. Awareness of spiritual energy and the universal connectedness of life. Cosmic understanding makes the way for happy coincidences, and plentiful synchronicities. Receptive to energy medicine: prayer, healing, and transformation.

4. Psychic Toughness. Spiritual athlete. Ability to gather inner strength and mobilize internal resources for healing. Fortitude. Resilience.

5. Appreciating simplicity as a way of life. Looking beyond the material plane to recognize intrinsic values: family relationships, beauty of nature, playtime, and spiritual growth.

6. Savvy risk taker; willing to take a chance. Persistent. Enduring. Mountain-top vision.

7. Master of visualization; ability to envision a positive outcome. Imaginative. Creative. Child-like wonder and awe: bright eyes.

8. Practicing kindness and empathy. Deep heart. Service to humanity; one’s challenges become a path of understanding to the plights of others. Virtuous.

9. Keen observer; ability to read the signs and symbols of everyday life. Knows that reality is not fixed, it’s variable: reality bends. Shapeshifter.

What other qualities would you add to this list? What miracles have you witnessed in your own life or the lives of others?

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