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Leaders mirror the lives of the people

“Leaders mirror the lives of the people. We get the leaders we deserve; they come from among us. To get good leadership, one by one, we have to take our lives seriously, subjecting them daily to the tough work of examination. One by one we could become a more mature nation, a people of soul, possessed of hard-won self-awareness, capable of the subtleties of world leadership.”

~ Thomas Moore

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Children are barometers of energy

“Little Bodhisattvas: Children are excellent barometers of energy. Take your children with you when you are looking at a new home. If they’re happy wandering around this new home, the home will be auspicious. If they are extremely fussy, then this potential new residence could cause troubles and difficulties.”

~ Michele Anderson,

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Be a lamp, a lifeboat, or a ladder

“Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder.
Help someone`s soul heal.
Walk out of your house like a shepherd.”

~ Rumi

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