What are Dead Dolphins Telling Us about the Conflict with Syria?

“Since July 1, 2013, 333 dolphin carcasses have been found along shorelines from New York State to North Carolina, a figure more than 10 times the normal rate of dolphin recorded deaths. Most of the dead dolphins were washed up along the beaches of Virginia.”

~ Robert Myles, allvoices.com

A capitalist society will see events as literal, looking only at the physical interpretation. In the case of an event involving a large number of animals, we focus on the environmental causes. Since our environment is out of balance, we must identify these causes, so we can correct them.

That’s only part of the picture.

It’s critical that we look at the meaning behind events. That’s where the message is.

Signs are the most intricate, built-it news system in the world. Animals are the journalists, and they are speaking on behalf of this world. Because of their highly sensitive nature, they have the ability to sense events that are forming weeks, months, even a year ahead of time. They’ve got the radar and the sonar listening devices to detect imbalances in our atmosphere, lands, oceans, and people long before it reaches news headlines.

ocean waves

Image Credit: manaphoto, deviantart.com.

Key Principle of Signs: Events move along a continuum like waves; everything is connected. No event is an island.

Before any event of large magnitude, there will be a multitude of signs, signs of guidance, signs that forewarn. We receive advance notice of future events.

The Universe is responsive to thought patterns. Events aren’t a singular action. They are made up of a series of thought patterns. Thought patterns = intention. Signs reflect intention early on.

Primary Characteristic of a Sign: An unusual event occurred.

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) declared this event – large numbers of dead dolphins on the east coast – an “Unusual Mortality Event” (UME). The key word is “unusual.”

Signs always stand out. They shout out to draw our attention.

Image Credit:  Mercy-Waters, deviantart.com.

Image Credit: Mercy-Waters, deviantart.com.

We start by looking at what the Main Symbol in this news story is telling us.

Dolphin is a protective symbol, Guardian of the Sea. Represents harmony and altruism: Peaceful energy.

• Support, safety, and unity in groups.

• Balanced emotions; connection to flow.

• Eternal smile; accessing joy and bliss.

• Sacred play and spiritual companionship.

• Music and sound as vibrational medicine.

• Deep breathing; decongests respiratory system.

• Sexual healing; power of healing touch.

• Telepathy; connection and communication.

Dead dolphins in large numbers represent:

• Loss of protection. Dolphins are grieving for loss of life.

• Loss of harmony. Dissension and conflict among groups.

• Blood spilled in the sea. Violence initiated at sea.

• They sense brutality on multiple shores.

• Increase in sexual violence, especially in war zones.

• Loss of play, only serious, brooding action. Since play is attributed to young people, loss of the young.

• Communication is compromised; misunderstandings.

• Loss of breath: Death.

Then, we look for Key Associations:

Issue: To interpret a sign, we identify those issues that are current and pressing. When the sign involves large numbers, we’ve got a sign on a national or international scale.

Key Concern: How do we respond to Syria using chemical weapons to attack its civilians?

Location: The dolphins have been turning up in high numbers on the shores of Virginia. Glance at a map: Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital, is energetically tied to Virginia.

“Virginia seems to be a “hot zone,” reporting 174 dolphin strandings as of Monday.”

~ Jane J. Lee, news.nationalgeographic.com

What’s close to Virginia: National Headquarters for our Government, our President, Congress, the Pentagon. Washington is the hot zone!

Numbers Involved:

More than 300 dolphins have died so far. Large numbers indicates a large impact. There could be a huge loss of life.

“Disproportionate numbers of males and calves are among the dolphins turning up dead, suggesting females dolphins fare better with whatever is causing this die-off. ”

~ Roz Zurko, examiner.com

Female dolphins survive more readily because of their ability to lactate, which helps them throw off toxins, and strengthens their immune system.

There is a correlation between the high numbers of dolphins discovered dead on the shores of the East Coast and a future event. The dolphins are pointing to a significant loss of life in a future scenario.

Are the dolphins warning us about the possibility of a war breaking out, and the large numbers of young men and children that would be affected?

Disease or Ailment:

The virus causing the death of these dolphins is cetacean morbillivirus, a measle-like airborne virus, highly contagious, causing lesions in the tissues of the lung and central nervous system.

Measles are red welts coming to the surface, which symbolizes outrage on both sides of this international conflict. As a global community, we are highly susceptible to the suggestions of other countries to engage in conflict. Dolphins are communicating that our attitudes are contagious.

Historical Reference: Many news agencies are reporting the last outbreak of this virus occurred in 1987 and 1988 resulting in the death of more than 900 bottlenose dolphins.

Are the dolphins indicating that there is risk of war?

Notable events around that time:

• The Gulf War – the First Iraq War, from 1990 – 1991.

After First Gulf War, tensions and economic strangle-hold, similar to a Cold War.

• Second Gulf War – the Iraq War, from 2003 – 2011.

• Timing:

Within each event are clues to the timing of a future event.

The dolphins have been turning up dead since July, and their deaths increased in August. July and August — the 7th and 8th month — are highlighted as peak months representing an eight-week period.

The dolphins are saying the situation with Syria and how the U.S. will act on it is extremely volatile. Initial action could be taken within seven to eight days. And, the conflict could spiral out of control, spread to other countries and regions, within eight weeks, by early November.

More dolphins are expected to die as the virus moves southward extending through spring of 2014. The conflict with Syria could last at a minimum through 2014, which indicates the possibility of a protracted war.

Reading the Metaphor in a sign is another technique:

The Bottlenose Dolphin has a prominent beak (nose). The bottlenose dolphins are giving this message: We have to pay attention to what we get our noses into. We could in all good faith interfere in the Syrian conflict, with the goal of preventing further use of chemical weapons. The situation could escalate causing serious harm. The dolphins are warning us that there are serious consequences and potential loss of life to consider.

What is preventative action, and what adds fuel to fire? Is there really an easy answer?

The dolphins are asking us to look deeper for the real source of the conflict.

Is this conflict really about protecting civilians in Syria or anywhere else from the use of chemical weapons, or are we being provoked into a larger conflict by Syria and its super allies?

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