My Meeting with President Obama

When we report the news, we gather facts and analyze them. However, there is a big void in journalism, a shying away from using the intuition to look at the energy behind events. We need more intuitive news reporting on an international scale.

Signs, dreams, visions all contain energy data – information that includes directional flow, hidden dynamics, and guidance on how to move forward.

The bigger the upcoming event, the more we can count on many signs, dreams, and visions to appear beforehand.

Here’s a vision I had on Friday, August 30th, 2013: Meeting with President Obama on his strategy for dealing with Syria’s use of chemical weapons.

pencil drawing of President Obama

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Lunch in the Tea Party Room

Vision: President Obama and I met at noon in the Tea Party Room. I noticed his surprisingly mild-mannered demeanor. He seemed thin and fatigued, worn by recent world developments.

I observed the energies of President Obama in the Tea Party Room.


President Obama’s graciousness was immediately apparent. He is professorial; he combines knowledge and insight, and he is socially astute. An articulate, commanding communicator.

There was a noticeable propriety, a social etiquette that politicians live by — smiles, official greetings disguising multiple agendas.

Meeting In the Tea Party Room: President Obama is not in his own domain; he is engulfed by the powers and dictates of the Republicans, the conservatives. And, since much of the Democratic Administration is not progressive, geared towards finance and foreign policy, his own team is pulling right. Plus, the extreme right is pulling even harder to the right. He’s got to pull left, and fight.

President Obama is subjected heavily to the opinions and motivations of others. He makes an excellent diplomat, but not a natural fighter. Taking military action isn’t his strength. He doesn’t like confrontations.

The natural instinct as a diplomat is to listen, but this delays powerful action. Rather than proclaiming, “This is what we’re going to do now,” he consults with many advisors and asks them “What should we do now?” Then, it’s too late – momentum is lost.

He is our Reluctant President.

Timing: Congress will rule in favor of attacking Syria, and initiate its attack close to the anniversary of September 11th. Since I met with President Obama in the Tea Room at noon, there’s the pun “High Noon” suggesting a decisive time of confrontation.

drone flying at sunset

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Obama’s Armpit Calculation

Vision: A mathematical formula appeared to me all night long as an algebraic equation with these words: Obama’s Armpit Calculation.

Interpretation: The words in this vision are describing military tactics, initially a remote control attack.

Specs = Location

I realized this equation is used for specifying coordinates. On one side, you have the specs, and the other is the direction, the final destination.

Specs: The GPS path. Armed with guns. Explosives. Spy machine.
Destination: Syria.

Once it’s programmed with all the settings, you’ve got a robot fly plane – a drone – ready to launch, aim, and fire. A drone war.

The description ‘Armpit Calculation” suggests a focused hit on the enemy with significant restraint. It is not a full-arm hit, it’s a smaller military attack. An armpit target is a localized area; we are attempting to conserve our military resources.

An armpit is also located underneath the shoulder. The attack could target sides of the city, ‘the shoulders.’

Armpit also means ‘underarm,’ which indicates our country could be at risk because we are ‘under-armed’ – not fully prepared. I repeat – the U.S. is not fully prepared.

We forget there are substantial risks and costs associated with stepping into the role of the world’s moral police. There’s vulnerability of this building to a ground war. The U.S. is underestimating the power and potential reactions of its enemies.

I saw visions of what would happen next. I experienced these visions like watching an epic film on a wide movie screen.

An army jeep blown to shreds in the sky (air strike)

Vision: At a distance, I see an army jeep blown into pieces in the sky. The wheels are blown off the jeep into four directions. Then, the center is pulverized.

What accompanies this vision is a loud buzzing sound: ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. The sound of a thousand mosquitoes.

Interpretation: Destroying several military instillations at once to dismantle Syria’s leadership power.

Drones are associated with a buzzing, humming noise. The sound of war is terrorizing, shattering to the nervous system. Could you imagine a killer drone on your street?

Huge wall of ash and smoke seen at a distance (air strike)

Vision: From the vantage point of a family’s home where a mother and her children reside, I see a wall of smoke and ash, filling sky to ground, approaching a city. This city was unfamiliar to me. Dry and arid.

The house begins to shake. Earthquake-like shake, shake, shake. Bookshelves sliding down a hallway. Mother and children huddled in a lower room for safety.

No visibility at a distance. This military strike is hitting closer to home with ash and smoke moving like a walking giant near a city.


This is the result of impact from bombs – torn earth, houses shaken at their foundation, smoke and ash-filled air. And collateral damage – innocent civilians being hurt – as a result of air bombs.

War as a video game

In a technological world, war is boiled down to a series of calculations. War is initiated from a computer with no face-to-face interaction. Without face-to-face contact, we are tempted to kill more easily.

War is always hellish and rarely just, but at least when fighting one-on-one, there is some sense of courage and honor. An act of bravery. With death, there is some intimacy, an ability to reflect on our actions. Our hearts are still engaged.

With technological advances, we don’t witness the blood, the gore, or the casualties. There are no visible emotional consequences to our actions; we are divorced from the reality of war. We are disconnected, numbed out, from the act of killing.

We are claiming moral authority over Syria, which makes us prone to provocations by our enemies. When we raise our moral arm, we justify our actions, forgetting that violence only begets violence. Once we’ve stepped through that doorway, we may not be able to get out. A point of no return.

“You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can’t bomb it into peace.”

~ Michael Franti

What dreams or visions have you had recently about Syria?

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