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Meaning connects all things

“Aborigines do not perceive space as distance. Space for them is consciousness. All spatial relationships in the Dreaming are primarily symbolic. Meaning and information are not transported across distances and time; they are an integral part of consciousness expressing itself as spatial order and form. To the Aborigines, the spatial landscape is a perfect symbolic description of the psychic content of humans and of the ancestral forces that created the world. Meaning, not space and time, connects all things.”

~ Sandra Cutts

Dreamtime Sisters

Image Credit: Colleen Wallace Nungari.

Animals teach us spiritual qualities

“We learned to be patient observers like the owl. We learned cleverness from the crow, and courage from the jay, who will attack an owl ten times its size to drive off its territory. But above all of them ranked the chickadee because of its indomitable spirit.”

~ Tom Brown, Jr.

winter chickadee
Image Credit: Merlinstouch,

Perception and awareness are one

“The core of our being is the act of perceiving, and the magic of our being is the act of awareness. Perception and awareness are a single, functional, inextricable unit.”

~ Carlos Castaneda

woman with ocean view in her glasses
Image Credit: erikbsherman, Flickr, Creative Commons.