Colorado Floods, Obamacare, and War in Congress

“Disasters work like alarm clocks to the world, hence God allows them. They are shouting, ‘Wake up! Love! Pray!”

~ Criss Jami

flooded plains

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The larger, more massive an event is, the more it affects the whole country. Although the Boulder County Floods were a local event, it has national consequences. The meaning is widespread.

To discern the meaning, we look at the flooding as a ‘cultural dream’ representing the national psyche.

The nation is facing a crisis of epic proportions.

Let’s look at key symbols first: What does Boulder County represent nationally?

Boulder is recognized as a more liberal, Democratic pocket of the U.S. Boulder is a center for alternative health education, and progressive wellness centers. If you want to find a Holistic M.D., there are several to choose from in Boulder County.

Avid rock climbers, bikers, and runners come here to train. Olympian-level athletes are drawn to this area. The Boulder outdoors is their fitness center, and they receive top-notch health care to heal injuries, and keep them in shape.

Since Boulder County is a leader in health care, it’s a symbol for national health care reform. What happens here will mirror both the benefits and the flaws of these health reforms.

Floods: Floods are crises where strong emotions are involved.

Rain cleans gently, wetting the drylands, helping to fertilize the ground for future crops. Rains help sustain us.

Floods rearrange. Floods restructure land, redirect streams, changing the fundamental topography. Flooding dismantles, and asks us to overhaul and rebuild homes, buildings, bridges, and roads.

Floods demand an infrastructure make-over.

The flooding occurred in Boulder County on the anniversary of 9/11. This represents an approaching national emergency, a crisis, overwhelming problems, and economic meltdowns in our nation.

Mudslides: A combination of dirt and water. Sewage leaked into the water in several towns, causing contamination. Mud is heavy water, water with excess baggage. Mudslides cut through towns, and split homes in half. Local waters became unsafe to drink.

Mudslides represent “the shit” in a situation. Lack of movement combined with unclean and confused emotional states.

What’s Up, What’s Current?: The launch of Obamacare on October 1st.

• Longmont, Colorado experienced a division, a split between North and South because of the swell of the St. Vrain River. The town became a maze. Normal routes were flooded and inaccessible.

Meaning: The Congressional House is split causing internal traffic jams. Major detours are necessary. Wasting time, energy, and resources that are held up in conflicts and arguments. Everything comes to a standstill, and movement is impossible for a short while.

• Lyons, Colorado was virtually shut down for days with a contaminated water supply, no power, and access roads heavily damaged.

Meaning: Channels of communication and commerce will come to a standstill. Systems and those who run them will have to be rerouted.

Lyons sounds like “lions” and lions represent courage, bravery. Our House won’t have the cohesiveness nor the will to deal with the problems at hand. Congress lacks the moral stamina to address the issues at hand.

• Many homes in Boulder, Colorado experienced serious flooding. Walls of water smashed through homes, and heavy rainfall flooded basements and the first floors of homes. Mudslides swept through the Boulder Canyon, blocking the route from Boulder to Nederland.

Flooded basements represent a crisis in the subconscious. Negative emotions are creeping into the minds of Congressmen; Congress is engaging in self-sabotage. This will have far-reaching consequences on the financial health of the country – the country’s basement.

• Mountain access blocked due to mudslides and heavy road damage. Roads between Boulder County and mountain towns damaged.

Mountains represent higher ground – seeing from a higher perspective, seeing the bigger picture, having good moral principles, and a spiritual base for making sound decisions.

mountain pathways

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The mountains represent virtue. Symbolically, the mountains are where the virtuous go to purify and deepen their understanding of spiritual principles.

Since roads from Boulder to Nederland, and from Lyons to Estes Park experienced heavy damage, and are now closed — the road to higher ground and higher principles is blocked for the time being. The road from Loveland to Estes Park remains closed. That’s three primary routes to the mountains blocked.

All of these roads represent access to the mountains, access to higher ground, access to a higher point of view.

Our Congress is stuck in the mud, shackled by its own political gridlock. Big egos and lower principles dominate the scene.

• Twelve dams overflowed. The energy is backed up in the House causing tempers to flare, more disagreements than agreements, waters and emotions rising. The powers that be are choosing to block rather than move forward.


The Boulder County floods show us the national debate on Obamacare is riddled with serious problems. It’s showing the failure of Congress and society to recognize and solve problems in a cohesive manner.

The floods are revealing a deeper problem.

Movement is blocked not just on Obamacare, but other initiatives as well. This endless Congressional gridlock stymies healthy change for our country. An internal war.

Most of the problems are from a divisive Congress who can’t operate cleanly. There is too much contention and eagerness to fight than dedication to serving the people.

A healthy Congress can revise its legislation, reconstruct plans, adapt. Our current Congress is gearing up for constant battle and stalemate. We have a dysfunctional congressional family!

When Congress gets embroiled in its own conflicts, the needs of the people go to the wayside.

Astrological Influences:

There is a lunar eclipse on October 18th and a solar eclipse on November 3rd, 2013. Eclipses tend to forestall movement. Hidden problems will come to the surface that need attention.

Eclipse energies can be felt up to a month ahead of time causing disarray. We could see heated problems with Congress and Obamacare peaking in two weeks around October 18th as the first eclipse approaches.

Obamacare is riding on shaky ground. This is not a good beginning for this health care reform. A key principle of signs: What happens at the beginning tells us what to expect further up the road.

Internally, there is too much dissension for a successful launch. We will see a bottleneck; channels and systems to administer Obamacare will break down. Intense opposition. The situation is twisted. Bad mojo!

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  1. John says:

    Do you think that maybe an eclipse is a sign of God’s disapproval. Maybe signing on to more debt, obamacare, rfid chips etc is immoral and he has arranged a sign to say watch out. There will be 4 blood moons total eclipses in the next two years. These are not good signs. Jesus mentioned signs in the sun and in the moon just before his coming. These eclipses may indicate bad times ahead.

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